Rossi Addresses Italian Senate

Andrea Rossi apparently took his case to the Senate, the upper house of Italy’s parliament on November 24, 2015. The ecat inventor made that revelation in a video interview with Vessela Nikolova that is now available on YouTube.

Rossi made a few important revelations about his low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology during the interview which was conducted in Italian. Here are some of them. Don’t worry English subtitles are available unfortunately I do not know how accurate they are. The most interesting revelations include:

  • The test of the one megawatt ecat has been going on for several months and it is ongoing. Rossi has said this would wrap up in February but from what he said on the video he might not be pleased with the results.


  • The one megawatt ecat is apparently operating 24 hours a day seven days a week but it requires constant monitoring and adjustment. This sounds as if the ecat might not be a reliable source of heat.


  • The test is being conducted at a facility of an unidentified manufacturer which is apparently using the plant for industrial purposes. Rossi did not say what use the ecat was put to but said it was used in the industrial cycle.


  • Rossi claimed to be working 16 hours a day, he made the interview from the cargo container where the one megawatt ecat is being tested.


  • Ross called this effort the first real test of his technology.

  • Rossi’s team has produced the fifth generation version of the E-cat X which is apparently the prototype of an ecat for home or domestic use.


  • The latest version of the e-cat X has operated for 20 days and Rossi called it a “promising object.”


  • The current round of ecat testing will end in late February or early march.

Concept art of what a domestic e-cat could look like.

  • Rossi will apparently make a decision about production and marketing of the one megawatt e-cat which is designed to generate one megawatt of heat in March. He will also meet with industrialists at that time but did not identify them.


From the interview it sounds as if we can expect a major announcement about ecat from Industrial Heat in March. One has to wonder if it will finally be marketed or not.

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