Rossi admits he may not know how Ecat Works

Andrea Rossi made an extremely interesting and revealing revelation at his Journal of Nuclear Science blog the other day he admitted that he may not know exactly how his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology works.

Regular correspondent Steven N. Karels asked Rossi what temperature was necessary to trigger the low energy nuclear reaction inside the ecat. Rossi’s response was very intriguing. On May Fourth the inventor wrote:

“I cannot explain what happens inside the reactor.”

This is a fascinating response because there are two possible answers to it, both of which could shed a great deal of light on Rossi and his thought processes. The possible answers are:

  • Rossi does not understand how the ecat works. This is entirely possible, observers of technology such as Nicholas Nassim Taleb have pointed out that many inventors have not understood the science underlying their creations. Rossi might have a theory as to how it works but he hasn’t been able to prove it.
  • Rossi understands how the ecat works but it does not want to reveal it because he’s afraid others would be able to replicate his work with such information. This is understandable in the past, some great inventors including Philo Farnsworth who is widely regarded as the creator of electronic television had their technologies stolen by competitors. Farnsworth let one of his competitors Vladimir Zworykin see his system. Zworykin figured out how the system worked, copied it and sold it to RCA. Farnsworth was able to patent television but the patents were worthless because RCA had the means to produce television without him. Farnsworth eventually became an alcoholic and died broke.

Some of Rossi’s other posts were very interesting, he once again noted that he is working on a natural-gas fired ecat but revealed no details. That’s an interesting development considering the vast amounts of natural gas made available by the hydraulic fracking process. Some experts think that the United States will soon be exporting natural gas.

Natural Gas well in Pennyslvania

Rossi also stated that he hasn’t yet produced electricity with ecat probably because he is unable to maintain a reaction hot enough to produce the large amounts of steam or hot air necessary to turn a turbine to generate electricity.

Also Rossi has been notably quiet about his $11 million deal with Cherokee Partners and its Industrial Heat subsidiary.