Rossi Again Claims E-cat Plants are Under Construction

Andrea Rossi is again claiming that his E-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) devices are under construction. The inventor is also claiming that he will soon start selling energy from the devices.

In a post September 3, conversation on Rossi’s message board, Frank Acland asked: “Have you started building them yet?” That statement was presumably in reference to E-cat reactors.

Rossi replied: “yes.” The only problem with his answer was that when Acland asked: “When do you expect to have them completed?”

Rossi answered: “confidential.”

This conversation makes absolutely no sense because Rossi is apparently planning to sell the reactors or energy from them. One would think he would announce a date so customers would know when to start buying. In other posts, Rossi claims he has “marketing experts” on his payroll but is not ready to announce when he plans to market.

I am confused here – if Rossi were a con artist he would certainly make some sort of unrealistic promises. If he has a working product he feels confident to market, wouldn’t he announce a timetable. Also, if Rossi wants to keep this stuff secret why is he talking about it online?

When Acland questioned Rossi on this, the inventor compared himself to George Washington. One has to wonder what the father of our country has to do with all this. Will Rossi start comparing himself to Garibaldi or Gandhi next? Rossi also claims he plans to sell energy but does not say in what form, steam, heat, hot water or electricity?

Meteorologists say Hurricane Harvey Made worse by Climate Change

Climate change made the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey worse, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has concluded.

“Climate change does very likely increase the associated rainfall,” WMO spokeswoman Clare Nullis told Reuters. “Climate change means that when we do have an event like Harvey, the rainfall amounts are likely to be higher than they would have been otherwise.”

The WMO’s view is that rainfall and flooding were far worse than earlier storms because of rising seas and other effects of global warming. Interestingly enough, the organization did not go as far to blame climate change for the storm itself.

Climate change doesn’t cause tropical cyclones,” Nullis admitted They’ve always been there. The relationship between climate change and the frequency of hurricanes and tropical cyclones is not clear, there’s still a lot of research going on into that.”

So it looks as if there is another reason to fear global warming: more rain and floods. A related problem is in the United States; where air in many areas including Colorado is polluted with smoke from wildfires, caused by drought along the West Coast. Around 56 fires are burning in the region, CBS Colorado reported.

It looks as if the effects of climate change are getting worse, while Rossi is back to his old tricks.