Rossi and Hydrofusion Make Offer on Swedish Factory

The long-rumored ecat factory could soon become a reality in Sweden. Rossi and his partners at Hydrofusion; the Northern European licensee for his low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology, made an offer on a factory in Sweden.

Rossi toured the 10,000 square meter factory and made a $3 million (€2.68 million) to $5 million (€4.47 million) offer to buy it during the week of May 9, 2016, Mats Lewan reported at his An Impossible Invention Blog. The facility will apparently be used to produce Rossi’s Quark X ecat device with robotic technology from the Swiss company ABB Group.

Rossi told Lewan that the factory could produce up to 500,000 items (presumably ecats) a year once it reaches full production. Lewan seems to think that will occur next year.

The Swedish tech journalist also supplied some details about the Quark X ecat including:

  • The reactor will be about the size of a pen.


  • The standard device will produce 100 watts of energy.


  • The Quark X will be able to produce electricity, light and heat.


  • The device runs on a reaction of hydrogen, lithium aluminum and nickel.


  • More research and development (R&D) will be necessary to get the device ready for market.


Rossi claimed he has only $11.50 million (€10.27 million) in funding; but it sounds like has more funds, or a backer with deep pockets. My guess is that the backer is in Sweden because of the location of the factory. The inventor claimed he is funding the factory out of pocket, but admitted his lawsuit against Industrial Heat will cost around $1 million (€890,000).

Lewan wrote he is convinced that ecat is real because of documents that Rossi supplied him. Lewan also wrote that the documents convinced him that the one megawatt ecat test was successful; and that Industrial Heat’s claims the technology did not work were false.

It looks as if Rossi is still serious about commercializing his technology, and thinks it is doable. He also seems to have some serious funding and partnership with large corporations. Whether this will lead to commercially sold ecats, or not is hard to determine.

Hyperloop Tested in Public

One cutting edge technology did recently become a reality though. Components of the Hyperloop were demonstrated and tested publicly for the first time in North Las Vegas, Nevada, by Hyperloop One on May 11. The company tested the magnetic levitation system that will power the enclosed superfast trains.

Hyperloop One, the company formed by venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar has also formed alliances with several large companies including Germany’s national railroad, the Deutsch Bahn AG, the American engineering company AECOM (NYSE: ACM), British Engineering firm ARUP, the French Engineering firm Systra and BIG or the Bjarke Ingels Group a famous firm of architects based in Denmark. Hyperloop One, the company formerly Hyperloop Techonologies or Hyperloop Tech; has also attracted investment from France’s national railroad; the SCNF, and GE Ventures an investment company owned by General Electric (NYSE: GE).

Hyperloop One; is conducting a Global Challenge to determine the location of the first Hyperloop system would be a great role model for LENR. Something like Hyperloop One could make commercial LENR a reality.


2 Responses to Rossi and Hydrofusion Make Offer on Swedish Factory

  • Luca says:

    This is a good news.
    Is not possible to start with facility can produce only 50.000 items for year?
    Then, when QuarkX take a celebrity, the man with deep pockets run to donate money!
    An alternative could be the crowdfunding
    among believers

    • jennifer says:

      I’ll believe it when they see it. I personally would not give a cent until Rossi produces a working unit. If his claims are true Rossi should have no problem raising billions in venture capital. I imagine Bill Gates, the Saudi Sovereign wealth Fund and many others would give him all the money he needs. If he can prove his claims.