Rossi Claims that Shell and Volvo are active in LENR

E-cat inventor Andrea Rossi made a fascinating claim on his Journal of Nuclear Physics Blog on June 15, 2014. Rossi claimed that four well-known multinational corporations are developing or research low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion technology. Here’s what Rossi wrote:

“. I know that giants are already working to compete with us: Shell, Mitsubishi, MIT, Volvo, ABB, NASA…and I am strongly honored to have inspired, in some way, their work; to be clear: should I have not broken the ice in three years of public work, since January 2011, none of these Entities would have taken seriously LENR in the measure they are taking them now.”

What’s intriguing is that three of these companies have not been mentioned as involved in LENR research before. The Japanese giant Mitsubishi’s involvement with LENR has been well documented in the past but I’ve never seen a mention of Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE: RDS.A), AB Volvo or ABB (NYSE: ABB), a Swiss power and automation company being involved in cold fusion work yet. Rossi didn’t say what these companies are doing with LENR. Shell and ABB are both members of the Fortune 500, Shell is one of the 25 largest companies in the world.

Sadly enough Rossi doesn’t go into any details but from the gist of his writing it seems the inventor is worried that one of these corporate giants might steal his technology. Unfortunately Rossi does not provide details or evidence to back up these claims so it might be speculation on his part.

If the claim is true Royal Dutch Shell would be the first big oil company involved in LENR. I don’t know what Shell would want with LENR but my guess it is looking for a new power source for refineries, oil rigs, ships and other facilities. Volvo and ABB are manufacturing companies that like Mitsubishi want to tap it as a new power source. Interestingly enough one of the products that ABB builds is power units for trains.

From Rossi’s remarks it is quite clear that Rossi regards NASA scientists Joseph Zawodny and Dennis Bushnell as serious competitors. By mentioning MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) it is clear that Rossi regards MIT Professor Peter Hagelstein and independent inventor Mitchell Swartz (the man behind the NANOR LENR device) as competitors.

What’s truly interesting is that Rossi ignored some other major competitors including Defkalion, Brillouin’s Robert Godes and Francessco Celani in his remarks. Perhaps he doesn’t regard them as serious competitors.

Once again Rossi admitted that he is no longer in control of commercialization of the technology at Industrial Heat LLC instead he is merely serving as Chief Scientist. Presumably Industrial Heat’s manager J.T. Vaughn an associate in Industrial Heat’s owner Cherokee Investment Partners is making those decisions.

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