Rossi: Defkalion Did Not Live Up to Its Promises

E-cat inventor Andrea Rossi called off his agreement with Greek company Defkalion because Defkalion simply did not have enough money to deliver on its promises. Defkalion was scheduled to go into production with home heating units powered by Rossi’s e-cat cold fusion units later this year.

The company’s Xanthi, Greece, facility was supposed to be the site of Rossi’s first test of a one megawatt generator powered by an e-cat in October. Rossi has since announced that the test will be held at an unspecified location in the United States. Rossi said he could not reveal what city it would be built in but it would be in the US. He said revealing the city could reveal the identity of the partner. The partner being an prominent American organization Rossi said he signed an agreement with last week.

In remarks at his site Rossi indicated the plant is being assembled at his facility in Miami. It is unclear whether it will be tested there or not.

In a letter with today’s date posted at his blog, Rossi stated that he broke with Defkalion because the company did not have the financial resources i.e. the money to live up to its promises. Rossi does not say what these promises would be. Rossi said there were no technological issues involved in the breakup.

In the same letter Rossi states that he plans to begin selling e-cat power plants in November. Rossi did not give any further details of the units to be sold in November. Rossi also stated that he hopes to work in Greece in the future.

What is supposed to be a “press release” from Defkalion has apparently been sent to some media outlets. The release states that the company is confident in its relationship with Rossi. Rossi himself apparently doesn’t share their confidence he has mentioned a lawsuit against Defkalion.

Defkalion executive to Alexandros Xanthoulis with a Greek TV Reporter

The press release also accuses “international energy interests” and banks of trying to stop the development of e-cat in order to protect the status quo. Not surprisingly it does not name the international interests. It is impossible to know if this press release actually came from Defkalion or not, the release does not appear at Defkalion’s website.

2 Responses to Rossi: Defkalion Did Not Live Up to Its Promises

  • If Defkalion’s CEO had made promises to Rossi I wonder what they may have been? Something like ; if we make money on these e-cats we will pay you royalties! Rossi doesn’t seem to have a product tested or reduced to practice right now and it would be premature to state you were selling the device for “household usage” after all a reactor at any level will have to be tested first.

    That would be interesting what Rossi contends those promises were. Is this the same factory in Miami that was pictured in a previous doc of yours? 400million was in the first reports as backing, statements were made by Rossi regarding Defkalion and his involvement, did he change deals because he made a better deal for more bucks in the USA unbenounced to Defkalion?

    To say the least this story is filled with excitement and seems to have new turns each day.

    From a totally logical perspective would a large company spend millions possibly billions of investment dollars prior to the issuance of a U.S. patent? Patents are easy to get but hard to legally protect unless there is an exact formula written down that someone educated within the art could duplicate the product from the patent and that does not seem to be present with the e-cat.

    If Defkalion released that press release maybe we should have them call coast to coast am.

    • jennifer says:

      Defaklion still has not released any sort of press release. People claiming to represent them have made remarks to the media. We have never pictured the factory in Miami. My guess is that Rossi feels that Defkalion has violated his patent or stolen his technology. Such disputes are common in the technology field. There is much more to this. Much more. I’m sure it all come out.