Rossi: E-cat Test will be Streamed Live

Testing of Andrea Rossi’s 1MW e-cat cold fusion device is currently underway according to posts on the inventor’s blog. In a response to a question Rossi confirmed that the device will which is scheduled to begin a four month test next month and be unveiled to scientists and others is currently undergoing tests.

Rossi also stated that the test will be streamed live online but he did not say where. It would presumably be streamed live at his website. This will be interesting to see especially if it works out.

Rossi also stated that electricity production with the e-cat is at least one year away. This contradicts some of the claims others have made including some from Defkalion. In a response to a question Rossi stated:

We are not ready to make electric power, as I always said, all our reactors so far produce only heat. Nevertheless, I think that in 1 year we will be able to produce electric power.”

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This means that electricity production with e-cat is probably a year away. It would also seem to indicate that there are some bugs to work out with the system. It may also mean that Rossi simply hasn’t done the engineering or mechanical work necessary to build a working e-cat generator.

Of course Rossi will need to produce steam continuously before he can build a generator. If he can’t continuously produce steam he won’t be able to run a generator. Still we must remember that this is the first generation e-cat, expecting it to run a generator would be like trying to run today’s software on a thirty or forty year old computer.

Rossi also stated that he has a patent lawyer who is studying the America Invents Act the patent law reform passed by the US Senate last week. This law would affect any US patent application that he files for his technology. Rossi did not identify his lawyer.

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  • Rick Gresham says:

    There is a miscommunication somewhere. According to Rossi’s JNP site:

    Andrea Rossi
    September 13th, 2011 at 3:02 PM
    No, the plant is not yet ready. There has been a misunderstanding. The tests will be done in end October.
    Warm Regards,

    • jennifer says:

      I agree. There has been a lot of miscommunication. Part of which seems to come from Rossi himself. He states the plant is not ready yet then shows it off to the first reporter who knocks on his door. He even ran it for them.

  • Is this true, he ran it? What we viewed in the video by Matt showed that it took 2.5hours to get the water boiling and this was at 11.14 Amps 220Vac= 2500watts or 2.5kw and in addition the 2.5kw was going for an additional hour to reach 129 degrees.

    Why would a person in a demonstration start a reactor with heat to energize a system and start pumping water through it prior to it reaching operating temperature, or was there a specific volume of water inside the reactor water chamber that took approximately 2.5hours to heat up to boiling and then another hour to get steam?

    Either this is a situation where Rossi does not really want to get the reactor operating like claimed and may just hold back and let everyone believe he gave it his best shot and it didn’t quite work and for more time working on it maybe it will someday.

    Maybe everything worked really good and he knows without doubt he has the key to the next energy boom. Either way it appears that he is using way more energy input than the videos we have seen will support in facts for the output.

    The few simple instruments he would need to confirm for all of us are not present in any video.

    Temperature gauge for pumped water into the reactor water chamber and a flow meter after the inlet water shutoff valve.

    A needle type restrictor valve in place of the ball type inlet water shutoff valve and a pressure gauge just before the water inlet hose is attached to the needle restrictor valve.

    In this way you could accurately determine the flow of water into the cooling chamber at any given time. The restrictor valve could regulate the flow into the chamber and a person could read the backpressure of the inlet water also.

    On the black water/steam exit hose and at the white connector where the extension drain line for water and steam connect there should also be a needle type restrictor valve a temperature gauge and a flow meter.

    This way backpressure, flow rate and temperature from both the inlet and outlet could be proven. Cost of all the flow meters, pressure gauges and restrictor valves is approximately $450.00 to $650.00. That is less money than a car buff spends on the dashboard instruments in a car.

    This makes a big difference to people in the scientific community or people like me that get affected when others claim things before they actually have something working. I can see why this does not bother some because most American’s are waiting to see if this is a true technology when other are excited about what this means on a global scale.

    • jennifer says:

      I’m sort of excited about it right now. I’ll be far more excited when we actually see an e-cat making electricity via steam turbine and powering a house, a factory or small town or something. Good comments though. Send them to Rossi.

  • John De Herrera says:

    In mid October there will be an announcement and demonstration of the Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi Energy Catalyzer (e-Cat), nickel-hydrogen reactor capable of producing thermal energy. The e-Cat is an advanced model of the ‘Cold Fusion’ reactor introduced by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989. At the e-Cat demonstration, input and output measurements will be made by top world class scientists to confirm that the Rossi Energy Catalyzer is producing substantial amounts of energy and that a new era of clean safe energy has begun.