Rossi Investigated over Radiation Concerns Rossi’s US Office Location Revealed

Officials from the state of Florida  investigated Andrea Rossi’s facility in Miami after receiving a complaint that he was manufacturing nuclear reactors there. Documents related to this incident also revealed the possible location of Rossi’s Miami facility. The complaints and emails related to it have been posted online at the Eacateu website. Under Florida’s Sunshine law these reports have to be made public.

Andrea Rossi and the 1 MW e-cat unit in Bologna in October courtesy EV World

According to the documents somebody named Gary Wright sent a concerned citizen report to the Bureau of Radiation Control at Florida’s State Health Department. Wright had first contacted a federal agency called the Nuclear Regulatory Commission which referred him to the State Health Department.  Wright alleged that the ecat low energy nuclear reactor generated 511 keV of gamma radiation (he didn’t say where got this information). Wright asked the bureau if there were any laws that governed the activities of the Leonardo Corporation and if Rossi’s activities are safe and legal.

The Bureau of Radiation Control apparently found that Rossi’s activities were safe and legal. A Radiological Incident Final Report filed on March 9 stated that on February 24 James Stokes an Environmental Specialist with the Bureau’s Miami field office visited Rossi’s facility.

At the facility Stokes talked with Rossi and found that all production distribution and use of the devices was overseas. This would seem to counteract Rossi’s claims that production will be in the US. Rossi told Stokes that he will seek approval from Underwriter’s Laboratories when he starts manufacturing and selling the final device. Underwriter’s Laboratories is an organization that tests electrical devices for safety on behalf of US insurance companies.  This would apparently refer to the ecat home heating unit Rossi is planning to bring out later this year.

Stokes’ Bureau of Radiation Control Incident Report is also included it states: “There are no radiation readings above background when the device is in operation.” Rossi also apparently told Stokes that “no nuclear reactions occur during the process.” He also stated that no radioactive materials are used and no radioactive waste is produced. Stokes determined that his agency has no jurisdiction over Rossi or his device. He also determined that there was no safety threat or radiation problem.

The report also gives the address of the Leonardo Corporation as 1331 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. The address is a few blocks inland and close to the Venetian Causeway and Belle Isle Park according to Google Maps. A picture on Google Maps reveals an apartment building that has two cargo containers sitting out front not an industrial facility. Whether this is Rossi’s home or an office is unknown.

Google Maps Identified this as 1331 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach Florida it could be the location of Andrea Rossi's Leonardo Corp

Interestingly enough another email from Gary Wright posted at ecateu states production is going on in New Hampshire. The Leonardo Corporation has a New Hampshire address. No word on whether Gary Wright has contacted that state’s government or not. Rossi has stated that he plans to build a robotized factory to produce Ecat in the US. He has refused to reveal its locations out of fear of interference.

This report is rather interesting because it contradicts some of Rossi’s statements. It also reveals that ecat is safe for the public to use. I have to wonder who Gary Wright is and what his motives are.

11 Responses to Rossi Investigated over Radiation Concerns Rossi’s US Office Location Revealed

  • kwhilborn says:

    As interesting as Andrea Rossi seems. I doubt he will be the one to bring LENR energy to the public.

    I agree he has something, but he seems unlikely to prove it.

    Anybody could step forward with a working LENR device right now and be heralded as a hero by the media and the world. “I’ve been doing it for years”, Andrea Rossi will cry however nobody will believe him except a few close friends who will claim they saw it. The new guy would win in court, and Andrea Rossi will fade into the background shaking his fist and manufacturing black market e-cats to feed himself.

    I look towards real leaders in the industry for proof, and currently have much hope for Dr George Miley. Let’s cross our fingers.

  • Craig B says:

    “Wright alleged that the ecat low energy nuclear reactor generated 511 keV of gamma radiation (he didn’t say where got this information)”. He got it from Rossi. See:
    “Rossi has consistently refused to provide details of what is going on inside the E-Cat reactor, but he has mentioned that gamma rays have been detected. Recently in a video interview when asked about whether the E-Cat was a ‘cold fusion’ technology he said, ‘we have found traces of fusion because we have found 511 kev gamma rays at the output, which is the emission of a positron and an electron, and a positron is the product of a proton turning into a neutron, so we have some kind of fusion inside, but I do not think this is the main energy source.'”

    Of course none of this is true. There are no gamma rays, but Rossi has openly stated that there were, to confirm his “fusion” claim, which he didn’t choose to repeat in front of the Florida official.

  • Pres says:

    If I was Rossi I would have said about the same thing.
    Anything else and the gov’t hacks would shut me down until they understood everything they are capable of. All the while trying to figure out some fees to pay or licenses to buy. Probably then hack together some new freshly written laws requiring LENR type regulations.
    Rossi has been down that road before.

    • jennifer says:

      I agree my guess is that somebody sicecd the officials on him in an attempt to get him to reveal information for the public record. It could be competitors.

  • sven says:

    Reading the report it self it says,
    1) “The production is currently overseas”, that does not mean that it will not be in the US in the future or that a factory is not being established.
    2) No radiation, no radioactive materials and no radioactive waste is something that you would expect from a LENR process isn’t it
    3) “No nuclear reactions occur during the process” well this is strange but then again, what is nuclear reaction in the sense of the US laws? Is it Fusion and Fission it or would a non-radioactive transmutation of material also count? I don’t know?
    4) UL is the most respected test lab and standardization institute in the US. It is a positive sign if they are testing the device. Do you believe they could confirm that?
    5) The apartments used for Rossi’s mail in the US are obviously not factories. If there is any sense in what Rossi is doing, he has outsourced the part-build to an already established manufacturer. Building a factory from scratch within this timeline would be a non-sense. The subcontractor could be a regular manufacturer of any machinery, power-tools, engines etc. so there is no way to find it except if there is some kind of leak.

    If the LENR technology will not fall under the US nuclear institutions, but be regarded as any household device, that will make the marketing of it a lot easier. Being controlled as a nuclear power plant would obviously not work for household equipment so that is a positive sign as well.

    • jennifer says:

      Hard to say this is a new technology. I agree with you. I wonder if the production will be in China.

  • Pres says:

    BTW: what is a “concerned citizen report”?
    Never heard of one before.
    Does it have a publication# or government form #?
    If it really exists it must be a pretty powerful form.
    Where do you get them, if at all possible?

    • jennifer says:

      My experience is that a concerned citizen is a busybody who has a grievance against somebody. Most government agencies have to investigate complaints. Particularly when the complaints come voters. My guess is that Mr. Wright whoever he is put some pressure on the Florida state government by emailing state legislators. (PS when I needed action from my state government that was the only way I was able to get them to do anything)

  • isd says:

    I think what Rossi is doing is not LENR. While experimenting on this he found something else. We’ll know that soon. If it is safe and it works it may be a lot better than LENR in the end.

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