Rossi is Right to Ignore Conspiracy Theorists and Media

Andrea Rossi is doing two things right in the way he is developing cold fusion. He is  ignoring both conspiracy theorists and the media. Instead of performing for the reporters or listening to the hysterical ravings of conspiracy theorists, Rossi is building a working energy catalyzer.

If Rossi’s theory is real it will be proven by the catalyzer and the critics will be silenced. Currently the test of the energy catalyzer is scheduled for October. If it works, Rossi will not need to perform for the media because he will have the proof.

Rossi has also correctly ignored the conspiracy theorists who think that some evil cabal of oil sheiks, the Rockefeller family and the Bushes will sabotage any effort to create alternative energy. These theorists are fools who live in a fantasy world.

When George Noory: host of the fringe American radio show Coast to Coast, raised such concerns in an interview with Rossi. Rossi politely and correctly ignored them and concentrated on the possibilities of the E-Cat.

Rossi is doing the right thing: he is trying to create an invention that works rather than pander to either the media or the extremists. Neither group could help him and both could do a lot of harm to his efforts.

The scientific community would like nothing better than to dismiss Rossi as a nut. If he panders to the conspiracy theorists they could do that. The media in the English speaking world would like to turn him and his invention into a carnival act, which would also enable the scientific community to dismiss Rossi.

Rossi is right to plunge ahead with his invention. Great inventors have been treated this way before. In the late 19th century when Nikola Tesla introduced alternating current, he was attacked in the press. Even Thomas Edison tried to sabotage Tesla with bad publicity. Tesla ignored the detractors and introduced his invention. It worked and it was adopted despite hysterical media attacks. Brian Josephson has noted that the Wright Brothers were ignored even after they successfully flew an airplane.

Mr. Rossi is following the right course even if the media, the conspiracy theorists and the scientific community don’t like it. Only by producing a working energy catalyzer that can be sold commercially will he win.


5 Responses to Rossi is Right to Ignore Conspiracy Theorists and Media

  • Daniel Steward says:

    This is one of those times when it is fallacious to think that it cannot work unless you can prove the science. All that’s necessary to prove is that it works; it really doesn’t matter how. If more heat is generated than can be explained by any other mechanism than fusion then it must be fusion. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck chances are that it’s a duck.

    • jennifer says:

      You’re absolutely right. Unfortunately the existence of e-cat does threaten the funding some scientists get for their fusion experiments. So they ignore it. Of course at the end of the day, all the deniers will prove is that they are fools. Some people of course would rather deny the truth than be proved wrong.

  • John De Herrera says:

    The abundance of low cost energy could revolutionize industry with lower cost products where everyone could afford transportation, appliances, and other things we use. Most important is the elimination of Nuclear Energy Plants, Coal Fired Plants, and the incredibly expensive pursuit of Hot Fusion Power.

    • jennifer says:

      It will come. I have a feeling coal fired power plants will go way the of horse drawn carts. Nuclear fission plants will go first because of the high cost. Hot fusion may come, but probably from private developers.

  • John De Herrera says:

    No Jennifer, Hot Fusion is far too expensive for private developers. It takes entire countries to build these monsters and will most likely never be built. We don’t need the Hot Fusion now – thanks to Rossi!