Rossi: It Would Cost about $30 to operate Household Cold Fusion Unit for Six Months

It would cost around $30 US or 21.12 Euros to operate a cold fusion device such as the energy catalyzer in the average home for six months, e-cat inventor Andrea Rossi has stated. In a response to a comment on the ecatnews blog, Rossi wrote that it would cost $30 to charge the energy catalyzer for 180 days (roughly six months).

Andrea Rossi and Mats Lewan of Ny Teknik with an E-cat

In the same comment dated July 30, Rossi stated that he was still having problems in his attempts to generate electricity with the e-cat. From his comments it sounds as if the efficiency of the device needs to be improved. Rossi also stated that the power he was generating was thermal power.

The administrator at e-cat news correctly pointed out that the charging fee was a base price. Other factors including the pay of the technicians, the cost of driving out to customers’ homes taxes would probably drive up the cost. It also remains to be seen if charging the E-cat has to be done by a professional technician or if you could do it yourself.

Defkalion has stated that charging the Hyperion LENR powered heating unit would cost about $100 for six months. That could be the fee for a larger unit. The cost of operating other cold fusion units is not known.