Rossi Plans QuarkX e-cat Demonstration for February

Andrea Rossi is planning some sort of public demonstration of his QuarkX e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device early next year. E-Cat world contributor Frank Acland thinks that the test will probably be held in February 2019.

Rossi did not confirm that in posts at his blog but he did make some intriguing remarks including:

  • When Acland asked Rossi if his partner was a manufacturer, the inventor’s reply was yes. Rossi has not revealed the partner’s identity but he and HydroFusion attempted to purchase a factory in Sweden earlier this year.

Is Rossi's latest ecat named for Quark the Star Trek Deep Space Nine character played by Armin Shimerman. ?

  • Rossi is conducting Sigma Five testing on the ecat. Sigma Five is a physics term that means he is highly confident of the QuarkX and its ability.


  • In a response to a correspondent named Svein Henrik, Rossi stated that Sigma 5 is related to experimental prototypes.


  • Rossi described the device he is working on as a one megawatt plant composed of 50,000 modules each which is capable generation one megawatt to watts hour a measure of electricity. A megawatt is one million watts of electricity or 1,000 kilowatts.

  • Rossi stated that the operational cost of QuarkX will be far below $100 per kilowatt of power.


  • Rossi responded with a yes when a correspondent named Cedrick asked if there would be a presentation by February 2017.


Rossi also talked about a one megawatt Quark-X industrial plant. The inventor also stated that he had solved an overheating problem on the Quark X.

For those of you paying attention the Quark-X is supposed to be the commercially available version of the ecat.

As always with Andrea Rossi there’s no proof just talk and speculation. Longtime Rossi observers will have heard this all before, hopefully this time is different.

My suspicion is that Rossi has a working technological process, he just cannot figure out how it works or how to commercialize it. That means ecat might be little better than a curiosity or it might take decades to perfect.

Either way I’m not holding my breath waiting for the February demonstration.