Rossi Reveals Schedule for ecat Rollout and Discusses Warranties etc.

Inventor and entrepreneur Andrea Rossi has revealed the scheduled for the rollout and marketing of his ecat low energy nuclear reaction heating system. Rossi is currently selling an industrial version of the device and is planning to bring out a domestic unit this year.

Recent picture of Andrea Rossi notice how tired he looks

Posts at Rossi’s blog reveal the schedule he wants to follow if everything goes well. The schedule is as follows:

  1. February construction of robotized ecat factory probably located in the USA begins. Note the location for this has not been revealed.
  2. March and April Rossi will unveil or begin work on a 1MW industrial ecat water heater.
  3. November testing of the production line for 10 KW home ecat heating systems begins.
  4. December sales of 10 KW ecat systems to the public begins presumably in the USA.

This schedule is a little different than past schedules Rossi has discussed. He has mentioned August 2012 as a roll out date. That could be when he unveils the 10 KW system to the public.

The “roadmap” was not created by Rossi but by a forum poster called Gediminas on January 31. Rossi acknowledged it but admitted difficulties could delay it.

·  Andrea Rossi

January 31st, 2012 at 9:31 AM

Dear Gediminas,
With the help of God yes, that is the roadmap.
Warm Regards,

A new video from Rossi in which he discusses costs and the warranty for the 10 KW home heating system has popped up online. Rossi said the system will cost between $400 and $450 US €304-€342 in continental Europe and £253 to £275 UK. He also said a kilowatt of heat produced by the home system would cost between $40 and $50 (£25 to £40 UK and €30 to €38 Europe).

He also predicted that the recharger the device that will replenish the ecat’s supply of nickel and hydrogen will cost tens or dollars or Euros but didn’t elaborate. As for a warranty the ecat would have a money back guarantee and a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

He also stated that a kilowatt of energy from the industrial ecats will cost between $1,000 and $1,500 to produce (€760 to €1114 Europe or £633 to £949 UK).

A video of Defkalion’s tests of its Hyperion nickel hydrogen low energy nuclear reaction device has also popped up online. Nothing is really said or revealed in the video but it does show the inside of the device. Hopefully Rossi will soon show us a youtube video of the ecat being used as a home-heating system. That could help dispel some of the skeptics.



9 Responses to Rossi Reveals Schedule for ecat Rollout and Discusses Warranties etc.

  • M.Hat says:

    “He also said a kilowatt of heat produced by the home system would cost between $40 and $50.”


  • says:

    Agree with M.Hat.

    My Kettle can produce roughly a kilowatt of heat, and let me tell you – it does not cost $40 each time I use it. It doesn’t even cost $40 for a kilowatt hour of heat in the UK (no one would use electricity if it did).

    Get the figures/units right damnit!

    • jennifer says:

      Unfortunately we need to get some accurate figures first. All we’re getting is vague declarations which is what he said. The so called figures appear to be individuals opinions not accurate data.

  • John says:

    Where does this cost of $40 to $50 per kilowatt come from though? You’ve paid for the device, it presumably comes with one charge in it free, and that should last for months, so why would it be so high a cost per kw?

  • dave says:

    No, He meant that the price per KW is 40 – 50 $. If you buy a 20KW device it will cost you (50*20) $
    This is not comparable to prices of KWhrs you pay on your electricity bill.

  • Brian Ahern says:

    Rossi has just succeeded in giving himself another 7 months of breathing room where he doesn;t have to perform and test. He has failed to convine anyone in his last 14 onsecutive tests. He may have something, ut he cannot understand or predict when the effect will work and for how long. He is acting fraudulently and he does not deserve to be followed any more. Defkalion will outpace him or it is all fraud.

    • jennifer says:

      Questionably yes fraudulently not. As far as I know he is not asking for any money. Even though skeptics are false claiming he is. He will have to prove his claims very soon.