Rossi Says he is having Financial Problems but they Will Not Affect October E-cat Launch

On September 16, 2011, Andrea Rossi stated that he is having “very big financial problems” in his blog. Rossi did not know go into detail about these problems but he said that a customer that he has counted on could not maintain his financial engagements. This could refer to Defkalion the Greek company that claimed it would manufacture and sell e-cat devices later this year. Rossi had a deal with them but broke it off in July.

Rossi did state the money problems will not affect his e-cat test scheduled for October. He has also stated that people can make commercial arrangements for the device in November. What these arrangements are remain to be seen.

He stated that some additional e-cat tests will take place in Uppsala Sweden at the University of Uppsala. The tests would involve Swedish physicists Hanno Essen and Sven Kullander. Rossi told the Swedish technology magazine Ny Teknik that Kullander and Essen helped him with the design of the 1 MW e-cat unit he recently showed Ny Teknik reporter Mats Lewan.

The University of Uppsala

The Uppsala test would involve water heated by an e-cat being passed through a radiator. The purpose of this would be to develop a self sustaining e-cat mode. This would be the first time that an e-cat would be publicly tested and demonstrated outside of Rossi’s labs or workshops. There have been reports of secret e-cat tests in the US.

4 Responses to Rossi Says he is having Financial Problems but they Will Not Affect October E-cat Launch

  • Brad Arnold says:

    According to Andrea Rossi’s patient WO2009/125444 A1 one gram of nickel produce the same energy like 517 tons of oil. That means a gram of nickel yields over 5 billion calories, or is over 30,000 times as energy dense as oil or coal.

  • Should I start saving the American Nickel, the coin? By weight alone and nickel content and with the claims of Rossi it should be worth possibly 18k American dollars in equivelant for crude oil? Wow thats a reason to save nickel(s) and maybe Rossi intends to make his machine run off of U.S. coins!

    According to Wikipedia the U.S. patent office will not allow a U.S. patent to be issued with the words cold fusion due to it cannot be explained.

    Rossi has claimed many different things like 300 E-cats for 1mw and then now it’s down to 52. There are many other things that makes one question the credibility of the claims Mr. Rossi has made, things that just don’t fit with logic and claims like a carrot hanging. All we need to do next sounds like an experiment and not a product method.

  • John De Herrera says:

    A new era of clean safe energy has begun. Thanks to all the hard working and dedicated chemists and physicists who continued to investigate the mysteries of Cold Fusion when they were ridiculed and ostracized by the establishment physicists and Skeptics. The world is desperate for abundant green energy to fuel our industries and transportation. Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi are now ready to demonstrate their Energy Catalyzer (e-Cat), nickel-hydrogen reactor capable of producing thermal energy. Thanks to all the scientists who continued the investigation of Cold Fusion. For more information see, 60 minutes show and this BBC show about cold fusion.

  • I feel the same way, that; “a new era of clean safe energy has begun.”

    It is always a good feeling when many people contribute to a cause just to make it better and healthier for all concerned.

    I hope we are not so desperate as to avoid logic and fact, we have done it many times as humans according to recorded history.

    It seems billions have been spent and thousands of people have supported the concept of cold fusion and worked on those lines of experimentation.

    The fact remains, the higgs field has not yet been proven after trillions of dollars have been spent and we do not have a complete standard model that will allow the science to be explained.

    For now it may be appropriate to name the science “virtual probability fluctuations” and continue evolving. It doesn’t seem that old hat technology should be applied literally to new wave possibility functions.