Rossi Third Independent Ecat Test Underway

Andrea Rossi has revealed that a third independent test of his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device is underway. Like year’s test this round of testing is being carried out by unidentified “college professors.”

A picture from last year's hot ecat test

The professors will be using their own equipment and measuring the Hot Ecat, Rossi revealed in a post on his blog. The Third Independent Test is apparently taking place right now and will take around a month. Rossi, admitted he doesn’t know how long the test will take which indicates that he probably is not involved in it. Rossi admitted that he has signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which prevents him from publicizing any results before the test takes place.

Guiseppe Levi

Even though the identity of the professors is not known, we know that Guiseppe Levi of the University of Bologna, Hanno Essen of Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology and a group of professors from Sweden’s Uppsala University were involved year’s tests. It isn’t clear if any of these people are involved in the current round of testing.

Hanno Essen defending last year's ecat test on Swedish TV

As with last year’s controversial third party test, the results will probably be published independently. Rossi didn’t say how much of the results will be revealed. In the past results that might divulge the technical details of the ecat have been kept secret. Rossi has long been worried that competitors such as Francesco Celani will be able to steal his technology by analyzing ecat data. Celani has admitted he did that in the past.

Rossi didn’t say whether this test has anything to do with his deal to sell the ecat technology to Industrial Heat LLC; a US company backed by Cherokee Investment Partners, although the timing of the test and the deal’s announcement don’t seem to be a coincidence. Another strong possibility is that the test might be conducted at the instigation of other investors we don’t know about.

Rossi almost admitted that he and his team have not yet been able to produce electricity with the ecat. Rossi also stated that he does plan to make experiments on a jet engine. NASA has admitted that it is working on the possibility of LENR powered jets. The jet engine can also be used to power a Stirling or hot-air powered generator.

There will be a test of the ecat jet at some point in the near future Rossi revealed. He didn’t say whether this test would involve the third independent test or not. This test might have been prompted by one of Rossi’s competitors, Dr. Mitchell Swartz of NanorTech who told audiences at MIT’s Cold Fusion Independent Activities Period that he has built an LENR device that operated a Stirling Engine.


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  • steve says:

    OK game on!
    Let us see if it is TRULY a “3rd party test” or just another cleverly controlled demo!
    Go Rossi!