Rossi: Three Ecat Units on the Way to America

Andrea Rossi has confirmed that three of his one megawatt ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) units were shipped to the USA in April. In posts on his blog Rossi said that one industrial ecat unit and two experimental ecats were shipped to his unidentified USA partner.

Rossi stated that the units are going by ship and that it will take about 20 days for the units to reach the United States. Rossi gave no indications to the identity of the partner and he declined to say whether it was a company listed on the stock exchange. Rossi also promised that photos of the units will be published at some point.

In another post Rossi stated that the Units to be delivered will include: one low temperature industrial plant capable of generating one megawatt (1MW) of heat. His Leonardo Corporation will also ship one gas fired one megawatt ecat and one hot ecat plant capable of producing temperatures of around 800 degrees Celsius. Those units will be studied for industrialization.

The inside of a 1 MW ecat unit courtesy

Rossi also stated that the low temperature 1MW ecat plant will be used for industrial heat production. He didn’t say where it will be used or if the public would be able to see or examine it or not.

Rossi noted that the hot ecat prototype is designed to produce electric power by generating steam to run a turbine. He also confirmed that he and his team have not been able to produce electricity using the ecat yet. He didn’t say when they would be able to make electricity but claimed that they are close.

An intriguing view of the interior of the 1 MW ecat unit

It sounds as if Rossi is making progress but that his unidentified partner is skeptical of him. Most likely the partner wants to examine the devices and see they can be improved or tested. The partner is most likely some sort of US government contractor perhaps associated with the US Navy or DARPA. Rossi has stated that Naval officers have visited his facilities in Bologna before.

The plants are being assembled at Rossi’s factory in Ferrara Italy near Bologna from which they will be shipped to a port for shipment to the USA. He didn’t say where in the USA the plants are going to.

There appears to be no sign of the independent third party report on ecat that Rossi has promised us. He has said it will be published in a peer reviewed scientific journal but hasn’t stated what journal. The report seems to be an independent effort over which Rossi appears to have little or no control.

Hopefully this report will soon appear. One problem is that elements in the scientific community might be trying to delay it. Also I hope that the pictures of the industrial ecats turn up.


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