Rossi wants Public Demonstration eCat Plant in Sweden

Andrea Rossi wants to build a plant to publicly demonstrate his e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) in technology this year. In posts on his blog Rossi indicated that his Northern European licensee HydroFusion wants to build a demonstration plant using the ecat technology somewhere near the Swedish capitol of Stockholm.

Stockholm could be home to an Ecat Demonstration Plant

Rossi also stated that the purpose of this plant would be to generate steam for heating purposes. Many communities in Sweden have public heating systems where a central plant generates heat for an entire neighborhood or town. I imagine Rossi wants to test his technology for such a purpose.

Rossi didn’t state if the plant would be built or tested in conjunction with the Swedish military. The Swedish military has shown some interest in LENR and ecat technology in the past. One possible test for ecat would be to heat a Swedish military base.

Some of the marketing plans for ecat technology have also been revealed. Rossi stated that his marketing team will contact companies it calls pioneers. The Pioneers will apparently develop the technology in different industries. No names of the pioneers were revealed.

The latest small Celani Reactor being tested at HUG

Rossi also stated that he is still working his robotized e-cat production line with his unidentified US partner.  Since Rossi has been promising this production line since last year I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it.

Rossi also noted that he is concentrating on heat production and that his team isn’t developing LENR technology for air and space purposes. He also reiterated his belief that it will take a long time perhaps 20 years to develop an ecat powered car or airplane.

Another Intriguing View of HUG's small reactor

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has posted some interesting pictures at its blog. The project’s partners at the Hunt Utilities Group (HUG) in Minnesota have apparently created some new reactors and reactor designs. The interesting thing is that the new reactors are small and made of clear material.

The HUG team is working to create a self-adjusting control algorithm to direct the reaction. It looks like they can duplicate the cold fusion effect and are close to controlling it. If they ever get them perfected the HUG variation of the Celani reactors would be small enough for home use or use in cars and other vehicles.

Since they’re being developed in an open sourced effort widespread adoption of the technology would probably come fairly quickly. If backroom efforts like HUG can come up with this, I wonder what’s going on in bigger laboratories like those at NASA.

Pure Energy Systems has a new blog it doesn’t say much about LENR but it has a lot of interesting information on other alternative energy sources. Sadly enough the man behind Pure Energy Systems Sterling Allan hasn’t been updating his LENR weekly lately which was the best information source about cold fusion on the web. Hopefully it’ll return in a few weeks, Perhaps when Andrea Rossi unveils his third party verification of the ecat which is supposed to take some place this month.


3 Responses to Rossi wants Public Demonstration eCat Plant in Sweden

  • scott hallenberg says:

    i wish you would update your article of july 13th 2011,”a way to invest in the energy catalyser”. there is little doubt that rossi’s “hot cat” will be disruptive technology. the forth coming third party report will be ,i hope, validation.
    leonardo and ampenergo are the private investors. however, rossi’s new u.s. partner is the one who has the manpower to bring this project to fruition. all of us investors would like an educated guess as to “who” this company is????

    • jennifer says:

      There’s no need for an update because that’s a historical blog record based on the information available at that time. When new information appears we create new entries which may contradict what we reported in the past. Just as your daily newspaper often contradicts what it reported last week. Such an update would be on some level “rewriting history” which I think is a dishonest practice. I believe in keeping older blog entries as they in order to present an accurate record of my thoughts and the information available then not to present a distorted view of history. When new information becomes available I present it in new entries not by distorting the record to protect my reputation as you are requesting that I do.

  • scott hallenberg says:

    now that three ecat units are on the way to america, we might learn who the u.s. company is soon.
    my guess it is siemens(the u.s. division).
    who do you think the company is?