Rumor Mill: E-cat operating in USA

The ever popular online rumor mill is claiming that one of Andrea Rossi’s e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) devices is up and running somewhere in the USA. Several online sources claim that the plant was shipped to a “civilian” customer somewhere in the US about two months ago and is now in operation. Note: since we don’t know who the customer is how do we know the customer is a civilian one or not?


Defkalion's Hyperion LENR device photographed last year in Greece. A more advanced version might now be operating in Vancouver, British Columbia

Earlier reports said that three ecat units were shipped to the USA in April. Even if those reports are true it seems a little too early for the units to be up and running.

The problem with these claims is that they don’t say where the plant is or who is operating or testing it. Some of them are also based on unproven claims Rossi has made on his website that production of ecats has begun in the US but didn’t say where they would be produced. Rossi has presented these claims before but has never provided any proof of an ecat factory in the US.

Rossi has also stated that the next generation of ecats will be built entirely built in the US and that he is chief scientist at a US production facility. Since there’s no evidence of this facility it’s hard to say what to make out of these claims. Instead it’s safe to assume that all the ecat work is being done at Rossi’s facility in Italy. Note Rossi himself lives in Miami Beach, Fla., at least part of the year. Past reports that there is an ecat production facility in Florida have been disproved.

An interesting critique of the ecat test data posted by Giuseppe Levi and his colleagues in April has been posted on a website associated with Cornell University. The report was made by Goran Ericsson and Stephan Pomp of Sweden’s Uppsala University.

They noted that the report was not independent and that Levi and his colleagues did not have enough access to the ecat to determine exactly how it worked. In particular they noted that the researchers were no able to open up the device and see how it worked.

In other words more information and a comprehensive report are needed. Unfortunately Rossi doesn’t seem to be willing to allow such an examination because he is afraid of other scientists copying his devices. Rossi does not yet have any sort of patent protection for his process.

Also last month the EGO OUT blog reported that Purdue University Professor Yeong E. Kim a veteran LENR researcher has examined an experimental LENR reactor Defkalion is operating in Vancouver, British Columbia. Kim said the results were very positive but didn’t elaborate. Kim claimed that Defkalion had made what he called a “breakthrough” and said that Defkalion’s breakthrough was accomplished by a new breed of scientists and engineers who were led by a mathematician who has become an excellent scientist.

Kim also noted that what he calls “nonconformist newcomers” such as the Defkalion team believe that LNER is far more complex than previously believed. That requires a complete redesign of the components used. Kim’s statements may explain why it’s taken so long for Rossi and other researchers such as Francesco Celani and Francesco Celani to get working LENR devices up and running.

It would be nice if we’d have more information on all of these topics. Judging by Kim’s statements it might take much longer and cost far more to get LENR up and running than we previously thought.


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  • scott hallenberg says:

    we know the private american company is ampenergo. the $64 question is who these private investors sublet information to a large u.s. partner to bring the “hot cat” to the production stage.
    as an investor i hope the new partner is a public company so i am able to invest in this disruptive technology.
    also of interest in defkalion’s breakthrough. this is getting interesting!!!

  • jetmech says:

    yup a LOT more investor money!

  • kwhilborn says:

    I think Rossi meant production plant is operating, not a power plant as in ecat running.


    Is This Andrea Rossis partner?


    This says it was/is….

    The fresh agreement outlines commercial plans in North- and South America for the energy catalyzer – the device that seems to produce large amounts of energy via a hitherto unknown and not fully understood nuclear reaction.

    Under the agreement, a newly formed company, Ampenergo, will receive part of the royalties on all sales of licenses and products built on the energy catalyzer in the Americas.

    Links to U.S. authorities are evident.

    The founders of Ampenergo are Karl Norwood, Richard Noceti, Robert Gentile and Craig Cassarino.

    Two of them also founded the consulting firm LTI – Leonardo Technologies Inc. – which for 10 years has been working on contracts amounting to several millions of dollars for the U.S. Defense and Energy departments, and with a recent contract with DOE amounting to 95 million dollars.

    Robert Gentile was also Assistant Secretary of Energy for Fossil Energy at the Department of Energy during the early 1990’s.

    Three of the founders have known Andrea Rossi since 1996 and have been working with him previously. Rossi also co-founded LTI, but sold his stake in the late 1990’s.

    Formally, the agreement has been made between Ampenergo and Rossi’s American company, Leonardo Corporation (not to be confused with LTI).

    Craig Cassarino, vice president of Ampenergo, when did you sign the agreement?

    Cassarino: We signed it two months ago.

    Why did you form a new company?

    Cassarino: We formed Ampenergo, because Ampenergo and LTI involve different people and they are separate companies that do completely different things. LTI is an energy engineering and consulting firm, while Ampenergo will be focused on developing and commercializing the Energy Catalyzer.

    How much do you pay for the agreement?

    Cassarino: Unfortunately that’s confidential.

    Have you paid anything to Rossi yet?

    Cassarino: Yes we have.

    How much?

    Cassarino: Let’s put it like this, it was an important piece of the equation.


    If they are not his parter then why not? What happenned?

    This news is years old so why such mystery now unless this is flawed..

    I’m confused.. please explain.

    Is Ampenergo Andrea Rossis partner?

    NOTE: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!–.pdf

    This company is in OHIO, which does get cold, and also requires HEAT!

    Just saying…

    Correct me because i’m confused otherwise.

  • john church says:

    Really a stretch that Rossi has ever produced an overunity device. All that he touted as proof goes poof! So our only iota of hope is he is not a liar but just incapable of arranging his own successful launch of a working product. Actually it leans toward the liar verdict. This has been a pack of lies second to none in the field, sustained 3 years by one mouthpiece, one common denominator that reveals the mythology of adults. Rossi obviously recreated Pinochio and is deluded with the same story of Pinochio. Not one shred of evidence. Just enough steam to keep a 15 amp breaker from tripping. Thats the facts. He claimed 500 kw was being generated in Oct 2011 and the steam was not indicative of the bold lie.

    • jennifer says:

      The problem is it is impossible to know exactly what Rossi has because as you rightly point out he is not presenting proof. Although I must note that I agree he has no working device. Although I think he’s getting some sort of reaction and sustaining it.

  • Dr Bob says:

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  • Swedish/British startup Hydro Fusion and Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation are looking for a utility to serve as the customer for the first commercial low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) heating plant. A press release on Hydro Fusion’s website states that the two companies want to have the first central-heating plant using Rossi’s ecat LENR technology up and running by this fall.