Sergio Focardi Has Died

Andrea Rossi relayed some really tragic news via his blog. One of the true pioneers of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) Sergio Focardi died on June 22 of an undisclosed illness.

Sergio Focardi

A number of LENR devices including those of Andrea Rossi, Defkalion, and Francesco Celani are based on nickel-hydrogen reactor experiments that Focardi, Francesco Piantelli did at the University of Bologna in the early 1990s. For the past seven years Focardi had been working with Andrea Rossi on the ecat.

In another post Rossi revealed that Forcardi’s contribution to the ecat project was great. The inventor stated that Focardi taught him much of the physics he used. That would indicate ecat is based on Focardi’s theories. Rossi also stated that Focardi made thousands of measurements on the ecat between 2007 and 2010. He also stated that Focardi worked heavily on the safety issues.


Rossi and Focardi at a 2011 ecat demonstration.

We don’t know how active Focardi was in ecat work for the past few two years because of his illness. The illness may have limited his ability to work and involvement and in research.

Rossi stated that he and Focardi conducted ecat research at the Brasimone nuclear research center in Italy. The center is run by Italy’s nuclear research agency the ENEA They measured radiation from the reactor and did what Rossi called destructive tests. Those would probably involve the well-known explosive capabilities of low energy nuclear reactions.

Sergio Focardi was a prominent physicist in Italy. In the past he served as Professor of Physics, Mathematic at the University of Bologna. Andrea Rossi was one of his students there in the 1970s. Focardi also Dean of the Scientific Faculties at the Alma Mater University of Bologna and founded the Cesena branch of the University of Bologna. Wikipedia notes that Focardi also headed up the Bologna branch of Italy’s National Institute for Nuclear Physics (its Italian Acronym is ENEA) and the faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences at the University of Bologna. Focardi was around 80 years old at the time of his death he was born in 1932.

Focardi’s death at this time is really tragic because it comes just after Rossi announced at test of the ecat as a community heating device in Sweden. This would be the first public use of an LENR device to generate heat for industrial or residential purposes.

Hopefully the death will not set back Andrea Rossi’s LENR work. There could also be patent issues related to Focardi’s death because Focardi and Piantelli apparently had a falling out at some time. Piantelli has started his own company and his trying to develop his own LENR device. Piantelli has patented the process but he doesn’t seem to have a working device yet.

Nor is it known if Rossi has lined up anybody to take Focardi’s place as his scientific advisor. It is highly probable that Focardi’s colleague Giuseppe Levi will take that role. Levi was involved in the testing of the ecat earlier this year. Our prayers go out to Professor Focardi’s family.



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  • Stan Barnett says:

    There are a number of indications that Andrea Rossi is working closely with Swedish utilities. A report published at the E-Cat World blog claims that Elsforsk a research and development organization operated by a group of Swedish utilities has budgeted two million Swedish Krona (around $302,000 US Dollars or 230,000 Euros) to pay for testing of Rossi’s ecat low energy nuclear reaction device over the next three years.