Slideshow Reveals Defkalion’s LENR Testing and Construction

Defkalion's Facility in Xanthi Greece

Defkalion Green Technologies has released a slide show of pictures of laboratory and construction work at its facility in Xanthi in Northern Greece. The pictures released include several of its Hyperion Low Energy Nuclear Reaction device, shots of the screens of computers monitoring LENR tests and some images of new laboratories under construction.

There are also some shots of empty lots that the company claims it will as sites for its factories. There are also a few images of Defkalion’s offices and the entrance to its building. There’s even a shot of the company’s break room.

Defkalion Test Results

Some of the pictures show computers displaying data that Defkalion claims comes from third party testing of its LENR devices. It should be noted that there is no way to verify these claims. In the past Defkalion has said it will let third party organizations test Hyperion. Unfortunately none of the third party testers are identified and none of their data is posted at the Defkalion website. Nor has the company put up streaming video of the tests as it had promised in the past.

There are also a few pictures of some of the attachments to the Hyperion and a few of the reactors themselves. From the pictures it looks like any other technology start up. Somebody apparently is doing work there and they do appear to be constructing laboratories.

Third Party Heat Results from Defkalion's LENR Device

Defkalion even revealed their address and phone number. If you’re visiting Greece you can apparently drop in on them. The address is Xanthou 3, Glyfada 16674 Hellas. You can also send an email for more information at [email protected].

This doesn’t look like a scam folks it looks like your typical technology startup and the good news is they actually appear to have real money behind them. It looks like they’re serious about developing a working LENR device and commercializing it. They’re even hiring technicians and engineers to help with the work.

A Defkalion LENR Reactor

At this point Defkalion has revealed more than Andrea Rossi who claims to be working on factories for the production of his ecat device. Rossi has refused to reveal the locations for the factories or to show the device to the public. Defaklion is showing a reasonable level of transparency. Hopefully Andrea Rossi will learn something from them.

It also appears that the company is confident that they’ll be able to live up to their promises and unveil a prototype Hyperion LENR heating device in July. Defkalion is planning research to develop LENR for industrial processes and to build an LENR home heating system at Xanthi. It will also license its technology to other companies all over the world. It looks like Xanthi could become the world’s center for LENR.

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