Strong Earthquake in Bologna, Rossi claims to have 600 degree Ecat

Earthquake Damage in Bologna

What media sources are describing as a strong earthquake  struck Bologna, Italy, where Andrea Rossi is carrying out his ecat research on Sunday, May 20. Rossi’s workshop, laboratory and a production facility for the ecat low energy nuclear reaction devices are in the city.

Rossi himself lives in Miami Beach Florida but frequently visits Bologna. Sergio Focardi lives and works in Bologna. There’s no word on whether Rossi’s facilities or the ecat research were damaged or affected by the quake. The quake was a strong one that apparently did a lot of damage in the historic city. It was registered at 6.0 on the Richter scale according to news reports.

There have been at least six deaths attributed to the earth quake in the area. The quake was centered about 23 miles from Bologna. Gas leaks and the collapse of historic churches was among the damage reported.

Interestingly this comes at a time when Rossi has threatened to move ecat production out of Italy to the United States or Sweden after remarks made by Italian government officials.

Earthquake damage

Rossi didn’t mention the quake in comments at his blog. He did state that a new ecat unit is capable of heating water to temperatures of 600 centigrade. That would be warm enough to make steam which could be used to turn turbines and generate electricity.

Rossi also announced that he is studying the use of Stirling engines which use hot air to turbines. Some readers have suggested that he use Stirling engines which can also be used in cars and to generate electricity powered by ecat technology.

3 Responses to Strong Earthquake in Bologna, Rossi claims to have 600 degree Ecat

  • sophareth says:

    What was the temperature level of heart of H/Ni Reactor ?

  • Harold says:

    It is not clear that the 600 degree ecat is small enough to be used in an automobile, but even if it is only possible with the larger industrial unit this is still a very encouraging development. Ecats could now be used as plug in replacements for existing coal and oil fired burners to power electricity generating turbines in existing energy plants.

    • jennifer says:

      I agree Robert Godes over at Brillouin seems to have the same idea with his boiler device. It would also replace natural gas boilers. One great benefit is that it could drive down gasoline prices the Saudis currently burn up 700,000 gallons of oil a day to generate electricity. Instead of being burned in boilers that fuel could be sold on the market for people like you and me to use in our vehicles.