Swedish Government Reveals Cold Fusion Research

A government agency connected with the Swedish military has revealed that it is conducting low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion experiments. The experiments reportedly involve nickel and hydrogen reactions similar to those in Andrea Rossi’s ecat device.


Swedish infantry demonstrate the Carl Gustav Rocket launcher

The research is being conducted by the Defense Material Agency or FMW, Sweden’s equivalent to the America DARPA (Defense Advanced Projects Agency). Internet rumors indicate that DARPA is interested in LENR and might be the mysterious purchaser of Rossi’s ecat. Rossi has admitted that the first customer for his device is a military but he hasn’t said which military.

The FMW revelations revealed at the LENR News blog raise some intriguing possibilities. The FMW and not DARPA might be Rossi’s customer. Rossi has some connections to Sweden, the Northern European licensee for ecat Hydro Fusion is based in that country. Rossi has been given favorable coverage in the Swedish media and two prominent Swedish scientists have examined ecat and vouched for it.

Swedish Navy Hovercraft

Another possibility is that the FMW and DARPA are working together on LENR research. DARPA might be working through the FMW in order to avoid criticism from the academic science establishment in the United States which is hostile to cold fusion. Since Sweden is a neutral nation that is not historically a US ally it is a perfect cover.

A report indicates that the FMW had three scientists conduct some experiments into nickel hydrogen LENR. The report indicates scientists; Abraham Langlet, Curt Edstrom and Jan Erik Nowacki were unable to achieve any sort of reactions. Since the experiments were apparently very rudimentary this doesn’t prove or disprove LENR.

The reasons for the experiments are not given, one intriguing possibility is that the FMW was trying to verify claims from such inventors and scientists as Andrea Rossi, Sergio Focardi, George H. Miley, Francesco Piantelli, Peter Hagelstein, Robert Godes and Francesco Cellani. It doesn’t state whether the FMW has participated in the Martin Fleischman Memorial Project’s open-sourced effort to replicate Francesco Cellani’s work.

The reason the Swedish military is interested in LENR is obvious. Sweden has no oil on its territory but it needs to power its industry and military infrastructure. LENR would be an ideal power source for such efforts. The Swedish government’s decision to abandon nuclear fission power makes it more open to alternatives. Sweden also has one of the world’s most advanced weapons industries even the US military buys its products.

I have to wonder how many other governments and militaries are involved in cold fusion research right now. My guess is that most of the major powers are actively looking into LENR and funding LENR research. The technology’s potential benefits and the high cost of other energy sources make it just too appealing to pass up.

Another reason for the military interest is that cold fusion is one of the few green technologies that can be easily adapted for military purposes. Most green energy sources are too limited for use on the battlefield. It might be possible to run tanks, planes and warships on LENR, it’ll probably never be possible to power such war machines with windmills or solar panels.


4 Responses to Swedish Government Reveals Cold Fusion Research

  • G.Luca says:

    Read “The secret of three bullets”. Write of Emilio Del Giudice e Maurizio Torrealta.
    This book talks about LENR and military applications have already been tested in the Lebanese war

  • sophareth says:

    ” The technology’s potential benefits and the high cost of other energy sources make it just too appealing to pass up.”

    I quite agree with this above assumption. Research on LENR should be parallel but not prioritary to its Development ie it useful applications.

    • jennifer says:

      I agree. Development often pushes ahead of research because development leads to profitable activities. Applications will come as research comes.

      • jennifer says:

        Interesting. Small wars are often used by big powers to test new weapons before they are given to regular military forces. I wonder where the LENR weapons came from. Since weapons technology leaks out pretty fast we’ll be hearing a lot more about this.