Swedish Scientists Think E-Cat is for Real


Two respected Swedish physicists share some of their thoughts on the energy catalyzer and Andrea in the youtube clip above. They have some doubts but they seem to believe something is happening.

Some respected scientists have examined an energy catalyzer and revealed their findings to the media. On March 29 of this year Hanno Essen, and Sven Kullander traveled to Bologna and observed an e-cat trial. They also got to take the e-cat apart and examined its inner workings.

Essen and Kullander then told the Swedish magazine Ny Teknik that they think what the e-cat is producing is a nuclear reaction of some sort. They believe what the device could be doing is Low Energy Nuclear Reaction not cold fusion. Even though it has been ignored by the scientific establishment there is some science behind LENR. The US Navy has reportedly conducted research into it at its China Lake Naval Weapons Laboratory in California and the Naval Research Laboratory.

Hanno Essen

Essen and Kullander are respected scientists with real credentials. Sven Kullander is the Chairman of the Swedish Academy of Science’s Energy Committee. He is also a professor at Sweden’s respected Upsala University. Hanno Essen is an associate professor of theoretical physics at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the Swedish equivalent of MIT. Essen is also a board member of the Swedish Skeptics Society. Essen and Kullander are not working for Rossi or his company the Leonardo Corporation.

They were invited to examine e-cat by Ny Teknik reporter Mats Lewan. There have been media reports that they and e-cat creator Andrea Rossi will set up a facility to study the energy catalzyer at Upsala.

The scientists ruled out any sort of chemical reaction as the source of heat in the energy catalyzer. The two described the energy catalyzer reactor as a steel container surrounded by a copper tube. The reactor is loaded with nickel powder and secret catalysts (note the scientists did not say what these were) pressurized with hydrogen. This creates the reaction and heats the water in the copper tube to create steam.

The reaction occurs after the device is charged with 330 watts of electricity. About 30 watts of electricity are needed to operate the electronics that control and monitor the e-cat.

Essen said he was allowed to walk around Rossi’s laboratory freely and able to examine most of the equipment there. Three other scientists Rossi’s long time partner and collaborator Sergio Focardi, a physicist and professor emeritus at Bologna University and two physicists from Bologna University Dr. David Bianchini and Dr. Giuseppe Levi were present at the test.

This means that the energy catalyzer has been examined by independent scientists from two different countries. Essen and Kullander have no reason to lie about the e-cat and they have been willing to discuss their results with the media. There is no way that two respected scientists would jeopardize their careers by lying about something like this.

Kullander and Essen have prepared a report about the e-cat that can be downloaded from Ny Teknik. They have also recorded a You Tube interview about their experiences.

Unfortunately no American or British scientist that has examined the e-cat has been willing to talk publicly about it. Even though Craig Cassarino of AmpEnergo has told Ny Teknik that US scientists have examined the energy catalyzer. Cassarino did not identify those scientists or stated what they found.