The 10 Best Cold Fusion Websites

Keeping abreast of the latest developments in cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) can be difficult because the mainstream media refuses to report on this subject. Fortunately there are a number of websites that do an excellent job of keeping tabs on what is happening in this important area. Here are ten websites that everybody who is interested in Cold Fusion needs to keep tabs on.

Sterling D. Allan

  1. Pure Energy Systems News – Nobody does a better job than keeping tabs on what’s going on in the in the LENR world than Sterling D. Allan. He’s fair, open-minded and comprehensive and he posts everything. Sterling’s LENR to Market weekly which gets updated every Thursday or Friday is the best wrap up of LENR news around. Sterling monitors all the developments equally. His site is also the best for those of who don’t have four hours a day to devote to monitoring ecat Forums etc.
  2. e-Cat Site – This website does a real good job monitoring developments and it occasionally delivers a scoop. It also posts links to other notable news developments. It does a good job monitoring developments everywhere
  3. New Energy Times – This site has been critical of Andrea Rossi but its criticism is fair and unlike some so-called skeptics out there Steven Krivit and company actually back up their

    Steven Krviit

    claims. They do some good journalism and do deliver the occasional scoop. One thing I like about the New Energy Times is that it is one of the few sites that has the resources to do some real investigations. It should be noted that there is often time between their revelations but when it happens its worth it.

  4. Cold Fusion Now – Not the best site but Ruby Carat does go to some lengths to get interviews and information. She has actually interviewed Andrea Rossi in his home. She posts youtubes of her interviews online so we can actually make up our minds. Cold Fusion Now also delivers the occasional scoop.
  5. Rossi Blog Reader – ( Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics website is confusing and hard to read. This excellent site posts all of Rossi’s posts so we can actually see what he’s thinking. It provides a lot of insight into the man and his thought processes. All of the posts are compiled and Rossi’s responses are highlighted an invaluable historical record.
  6. NyTeknik – this is a mainstream Swedish magazine similar to Popular Science. Its reporter Mats Lewan is one of the few mainstream journalists that actively follows LENR.

    Mats Lewan examines an ecat as Andrea Rossi looks on.

    He hasn’t posted any LENR articles lately but when he does Lewan offers a lot of detailed coverage. The site is in Swedish but English translations are available.

  7. Journal of Nuclear Physics – Andrea Rossi’s own site it is poorly organized and hard to read. Rossi posts to the forums there almost every day and he often reveals some interesting insights. The Rossi Blog Reader provides an organized version of these. It publishes a lot of good articles with interesting theories. Some scientists including Christos Stremmenos occasionally post there.
  8. Ecat Report – this website does a pretty good job of keeping tabs on Rossi and his activities. It occasionally makes some interesting observations and commentary. A good introduction for those unfamiliar with the subject.
  9. LENR news – another site that occasionally delivers a scoop. It has a lot of stories in German and other European language but there is an English version. Some of the resources it provides include a list of LENR related companies.
  10. Cold Fusion Times – Okay this is site is a little old fashioned and takes forever to load but it does provide a lot of good information. It occasionally has some fun stuff such as the current location of the International Space Station and a gauge of US energy consumption posted.

Hopefully this time next year we’ll be able to post twenty or thirty really good news sources about LENR and some mainstream sources will be among them.


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  • kwhilborn says:

    Kudos out to

    Although they do not write much, they provide links to some of the above websites as news occurs. I have been active following this, and ecatnews,net is always my first destination.

  • Thanks for the plug.

    One little correction: My last name is spelled Allan

  • Ben says:

    Thanks for the recognition of e-Cat Site Jennifer. I have some big news about the site coming in the next week or two, so stay tuned. May I also say that you do a very good job over here at Cold Fusion News. There is plenty of room at the table for all those interested in covering this advent of this technology and your voice is certainly a welcome one. Keep up the good work.