The Most Influential People in the World of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction

So who are the most influential people in the world of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion? To answer that question we have created a list. It should be noted here that this is a list of the most influential living people so Martin Fleischman’s name does not appear because he died over the summer.

The Most Influential People in LENR

  1. Andrea Rossi, whether you love him or hate him nobody can deny that Rossi has put LENR back on the map. He has attracted a great deal of attention with his claims about his ecat device. More importantly Rossi has popularized the idea of commercializing cold fusion again. Just by getting people interested and thinking about the possibilities of LENR Rossi has done the world a vast amount of good. Even if he doesn’t succeed in creating an effective LENR device Rossi has certainly brought the idea back into the limelight.
  2. Peter Hagelstein – the Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has emerged as an important figure because he is the

    Peter Hagelstein

    leader of Cold Fusion Energy Inc. the consortium of scientists working to commercialize this energy source. Hagelstein is an important theorist and a leader who has stood up to the scientific establishment. More recently he has shown a great deal of bravery by actually demonstrating a working LENR device at MIT. His leadership was responsible for the International Conference on Cold Fusion and many other accomplishments.

  3. Robert Godes – the president and chief technical officer of Brillouin has been working on cold fusion for nearly twenty years. His refusal to give up has finally paid off in the form of a company with venture capital and real funding. Brillouin may soon be in a position to convert a power plant to LENR. It has a device that’s being tested at SRI. Godes’ persistence has made his company the leader in the LENR field.
  4. Dennis Bushnell – the Chief Scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center has also worked hard to promote LENR in the scientific community. Most recently he’s spearheaded efforts

    Dennis Bushnell

    to develop an LENR powered space plane at NASA. His foresight has kept NASA in cold fusion research and put it in a position to be at the forefront of this new technology.

  5. Robert Duncan – the Vice Chancellor of Research at the University of Missouri. He achieved a lot of fame investigating cold fusion for 60 Minutes which sparked the current LENR renaissance. He also heads up the Sydney Kimmel Center for a Nuclear Renaissance at his school which has received $5 million from billionaire Sydney Kimmel for cold fusion

    Robert Duncan

    research. Duncan is also trying to create a national program for LENR research in the United States. Duncan is to be congratulated for his open mindedness and willingness to pay attention to scientific facts rather than  group think.

  6. Dr. James Trouchard – the president, CEO and cofounder of National Instruments. Dr. T was instrumental in bringing many of the biggest names in LENR together at his NIWeek corporate conference in August. He has been offering technical support to cold fusion developers since 1989. Among other things he organized the first public demonstration

    James Truchard AKA Dr. T

    of Francesco Cellani’s LENR device. He is also the most prominent figure in business to show a serious interest in LENR.

  7. Dr. Francesco Celani – He is something of a late comer to the field but he has organized symposiums on LENR at CERN. More importantly he is the first inventor to publicly demonstrate a working LENR device. Now working with the LENR startup Kresson he is trying to commercialize his device. His willingness to publicly reveal his device and methodology is refreshing in a field plagued by secrecy and paranoia.
  8. Sergio Focardi – the professor emeritus from the University of Bologna has been working on LENR research since the early 1990s. Most recently he’s been working closely with Andrea Rossi. Rossi’s ecat device is apparently based upon work that Focardi did with Francesco Piantelli twenty years ago.
  9. Dr. Brian Josephson – the 1973 winner of the Nobel Prize for physics Josephson has been an outspoken defender of Andrea Rossi. He is an expert in condensed matter physics and the discoverer of the Josephson effect. Although he is apparently not active in LENR research he has gone out of his way to ask for scientific enquiry into LENR and more research. He is a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge one of the world’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning.
  10. Robert W. George II, Brillouin’s chief executive officer (CEO) is a successful businessman and investment banker. He has successfully raised at least $2 million for Brillouin and possibly up to $20 million. He has real experience in the fields of energy, oil and gas, telecommunications, manufacturing and robotics. He might be the first person to create a publicly traded LENR company.
  11. Dr. Michael McKubre – An electro chemist at SRI International, McKubre has been engaging in cold fusion research for over 20 years. Not even a cold fusion explosion that left

    Michael McKubre at work

    shreds of glass embedded in his body has deterred McKubre from his work. McKubre has also made many public statements about Cold Fusion and even discussed the matter on 60 Minutes. Currently he is working with Brillouin and will test their LENR boiler technology at SRI.

These are the top 11 there are obviously many other dedicated scientists and others working hard in this field. Their commitment and dedication is to be commended. Many of these people could become household names someday as this important field advances.


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    Thanks for quoting are influential. In fact this blog get most data from the forum which I fed with data all around…
    It is badly organized, not well written, but there is data, and rough discussion sometime. feel free to participate
    thanks also for the article that I sometime cite…
    Hope all our work help the cause.
    Beside Note: some professional innovator told me that we should stop arguing about LENR reality or industrialization… LENR is real, and industrialization will success but will take years.
    WE the people, as a community of citizen, should help the energetic transition, by supporting small businesses to meet local authorities, local businesses, and clients…
    When the product will be validated on the table, people will not ask if it works, but how they can take advantage of it.
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