Tom Darden Reveals why he Backed Rossi

Cherokee Partners’ CEO Tom Darden’s funding of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research is more extensive than previously revealed. Darden is the man behind Industrial Heat which purchased Andrea Rossi’s ecat technology last year. Unfortunately Darden would not reveal what other researchers he is backing in an interview with Marianne Macy in April 16, 2015 issue of Infinite Energy Magazine.

Macy interviewed Darden after his provocative speech during the opening ceremoniesof the 19th Annual International Conference on Cold Fusion in Padua, Italy, on April 13, 2015. Darden surprised a lot of people with his public commitment to LENR and his willingness to put money into the field.

Darden also revealed some of his thinking on LENR in the interview which is well worth reading. Some of the high lights include what convinced him to back Rossi:

“We’ve seen a number of tests and we’ve had a lot of people looking at tests,” Darden said. “Of course outsiders have looked  at tests. I think particularly the transmutation data is very compelling. I felt very good about that, better than any outlet of test data I’d seen.”

Darden admitted that he is the primary funder of Industrial Heat. Yet he hinted that there are others funding the work.

“I think there probably are a lot of people out there like me,” Darden said. “Clearly there are.” He then made a cryptic reference to Bill Gates and insinuated that other wealthy investors and philanthropists are donating money to LENR.

Darden admitted that he was not backing either Peter Hagelstein of MIT who is working with Jet Energy or Brillouin Energy. Instead he hinted that others were backing those projects. He described those efforts as somebody else’s children. Darden did not say if he knew who was backing those experiments.

Once again Darden revealed his primary interest in LENR is in its ability to generate a lot of energy without pollution. Darden thinks that a cheap nonpolluting energy source like LENR is needed to make the world a better place. He rejected what he called the energy shortage mentality and stated that the world has plenty of energy. Instead he summed up the world’s energy problems with this simple yet elegant statement.

Energy is cheap where rich people live,” Darden said. “So poor people need cheaper energy but rich people don’t need cheaper energy.”

He also revealed that his main interest in LENR is its potential for low cost:

“The good thing is there has been so little in the way of resources in LENR that people have figured out how to do things very cheaply,” Darden said.  “If people  are  able  to  build  successful replicable multiple devices that can operate for a while, and don’t  appear  to  cost  much,  that  was  enough  in  my  mind.”