Trump Victory will have little or no Effect on Fusion

Donald J. Trump’s upset victory in the U.S. Presidential election will have little or no effect on either hot or cold fusion.

Under the U.S. Constitution the President has little or no influence over science and technology research because he or she does not write the budget. Congress; especially the House of Representatives, writes the budget which means it supplies the money.

President Trump would have the power to issue an executive order halting; or stepping up, low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or hot fusion research. Yet that order would be a meaningless piece of paper because Congress would supply the money for the actual research and development.

Trump’s party, the Republicans has control over Congress, but Trump actually has very little control over Republican Senators and Representatives. Instead all he can do is suggest legislation to them and sign it – if it ever reaches his desk.

There is another reason why any meaningful action on fusion research in Washington is unlikely. Neither the President nor Congress has that much interest in science and technology largely because the voters do not.

The issues of science, technology and research did not come up on the campaign trail. The only discussions of science were the standard party line babble about global warming; Democrats said they believe in it, Republicans said they do not.

On energy Trump seems to be strongly in favor of fossil fuels, because it got him a lot of votes. Much of Trump’s support comes from working class Americans many of whom rely on fossil fuel extraction jobs; such as coal mining and the oil industry, to feed their families.

The Trump Energy Policy

A likely Trump energy policy will be to make some symbolic moves to increase fossil fuel production – which also netted Trump campaign donations from oil interests. That will not affect fusion or other research, although it might do some harm to renewable energy.

The future of fusion depends on entrepreneurs and investors; like Bill Gates and Tom Darden, and inventors like Andrea Rossi not on politicians. The best course of action for fusion boosters is to simply ignore Mr. Trump, and concentrate on efforts like the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, because at the end of the day politicians will do nothing to solve the energy crisis. Only technology will do that.

One final prediction here, if a working fusion device appears, Trump like any other politician will embrace it and claim responsibility for it.


4 Responses to Trump Victory will have little or no Effect on Fusion

  • I’d just like to suggest that your “post” lacks serious political acumen, and is loaded with misstatements:

    1. The President plays a huge role in developing the budget
    2. The President does write the budget, and then, submits it to Congress for approval
    3. President Trump has enormous influence over getting the budget passed because he just won a mandate. He is the leader of the GOP and they control both houses of congress. In short, what he wants, he’s going to get.
    4. In case you’re thinking the Supreme Court might step in with some Judicial Activism, that won’t be happening either. Trump is about to make the first of a number of Supreme Court picks, and all of them will be approved as the GOP has the House and Senate.
    5. As for your juvenile placement of mocking images of our president, I’d be careful. 60 Million Americans just voted for him, and basically, they raised their collective middle finger to Progressives and Leftist Agenda. You do want some of them to read your posts?

    Like it or not, the alternative was so crooked that she will have to be pardoned by the outgoing president. However, that will not spare her criminal indictment for her dealings inside the Clinton Foundation, and other areas she’s being investigated. Obama can’t pardon her for crimes she not charged with yet. Hilary Clinton amassed a 300 Million Dollar fortune doing nothing but being a Public Servant. How did she manage that on her salary? Trump is a self-made business man who amassed billions of dollars and employs tens of thousands of people on the sweat of his own brow. Like it or not, that is an incredible accomplishment, and unlike Hilary, we did not fund his beginnings.

    Finally, I’ve been following Cold Fusion for years now and am very excited about it. I am a conservative, so I can assure you it is completely absurd to think that only progressives support a healthy environment and reasonable energy alternatives. Now this is key: President Trump supports all private companies and entrepreneurs, and last time I checked, Cold Fusion was being developed by private companies and entrepreneurs. And thanks to the President Elect, Cold Fusion developers can now look forward to their taxes being cut in half (this is huge) and they will also enjoy having the regulatory burden stripped off their backs (another enormous burden placed on them by the outgoing administration…)

    The point is that Cold Fusion really doesn’t need the government to launch. In fact, what these companies really need is for government to get the hell out of the way, and that is precisely what will happen over the next 8 years…

    With faith and confidence in you Jennifer…

    Titus Corleone

    • jennifer says:

      You’re welcome unfortunately Titus you are mistaken, the President can play a huge role in shaping the budget if Congress lets him. Congress does write the budget. Trump will have some influence (note there’s an organization out there called the Democratic Party which will have a lot to say about it. I haven’t heard of the Democrats going out of business) P.S. the $300 million fortune was made by Donald’s dad, Fred Trump, Google him sometime. Donald was simply lucky to have a smart and hard working dad. If Fred Trump hadn’t believed in inheritance, Donald would be selling used cars somewhere.

      There are just as many Americans out there who share my opinion of Trump as for those who respect him. Only history can tells who is right. P.S. Trump is not President yet, Obama is and I might add as a US citizen I have freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution. I just wonder how much love and respect you will have for Trump when he starts making deals with the Democratic majority in Congress in 2019 and signing off on their liberal and progressive agenda.

  • Jennifer,

    I’d just like to add one more thing: I do not believe it is your fault you’re so ill-equipped to write about basic civics, or that you would find it appropriate to build such overt political bias into an article about an emerging science so my people, from such diverse walks of life, are so excited about.

    The fault truly lies with the how the Left has destroyed the academic agenda in our schools by removing crucial core knowledge classes, such as: Civics, Government, and Economics… They replaced much of the curriculum vitae with political indoctrination, social engineering, and historical revisionism. Additionally, for decades academia has encouraged a tantrum mentality that has left tens of millions of young people completely unprepared to survive out in the real world.

    Millions of kids leave colleges, and go out into the world trying to apply these dark values in the job place and quickly filter themselves out. And lacking hard skills, save an blinding sense of self-esteem, they quickly find themselves working as baristas and on the I.T. Sales force at Staples.. I was a victim of this paradigm myself, and it cost me years of deprogramming. I literally had to completely reeducate myself and modify my outlook on nearly everything.

    However, I assure you am far better for it today; an accomplished writer, entrepreneur, and designer. Therefore, please know that I identify with you – but point the finger at a failed national education system that is betraying generations of American kids.

    Best of luck to you Jennifer…

    Titus Corleone

    • jennifer says:

      Titus perhaps you should read the Constitution sometime and see what power the President actually has. It’s far more limited than you think.
      You’re right about the national education system it produced Trump’s win by giving people like you an unrealistic picture of what the President can do. My guess is four years from now you’ll be anticipating great things from whatever failed celebrity the media digs up to replace Trump after his approval ratings fall below five percent. Perhaps president Jenny McCarthy or President Michael Moore. That’s exactly what you Trump voters deserve.