University of Bologna Still Willing to Work with Rossi Even Though Contract has been cancelled

The University of Bologna has cancelled its contract with Andrea Rossi but it is still willing to work with the inventor. In statements published at the Italian Blog Passi22blogspot and the American Pure Energy Systems the cancellation of a contract between Rossi’s company EFA Ltd and the school’s department of physics has been confirmed.

“That I can confirm to the best of my knowledge the Contract Between the Dept of Physics and the company EFA  has-been canceled because unfulfilled at the deadline and AGREED that there is no further relationship Between the company and the university based on that contract.
Dario Braga

Braga is the Director of Scientific Research at the University. Note this was a Google translation and therefore totally unreliable.

Yet the school is apparently still interested in working with Rossi and testing the ecat low energy nuclear reaction device. The Department of Physics at Rossi’s alma matter is apparently willing to conduct independent tests on the ecat and study the science behind it. What has been cancelled is the  500,000 Euro contract Rossi apparently had with the department.


(Translated by Google)

Bologna, January 25, 2012 – The Department of Physics, University of Bologna says that the contract signed in June 2011 between the Department of Physics and the EFA Ltd. (the company owned by Italian Andrea Rossi) was terminated because of failure to meet conditions to the terms. There’s no relationship between the Department and the EFA Ltd. in connection with this contract. However, the Department of Physics has made available its experience and its equipment to carry out independent measurements on the production of heat by the equipment’s e-cat in order to provide an answer to the entire scientific community and the general public about the phenomenon. The measurement results will be published.

Rossi with ecat in his Bologna lab courtesy Pure Energy Systems

If this is true this could be a real boon for low energy nuclear reaction. No LENR device has been publicly scientifically confirmed yet. If physicists and others could actually examine one we might get enough information to perfect and commercialize the technology.