US Electricity Shortage and Sky High Utility Bills Possible LENR could be the Solution

Our future if leaders don't address the electricity shortage

Evidence seems to indicate that the United States and Canada could soon be facing an electricity shortage like those already plaguing India, Pakistan, Japan and Chile. Wholesale prices for a kilowatt hour of electricity in New York City rose to an astronomical $1,647.56 on May 29 Bloomberg reported.

New York’s electrical utility Consolidated Edison or Con Ed normally pays around $50 a kilowatt hour for spot power. Spot power is additional electricity that Con Ed buys off the grid when its plants cannot provide enough electricity. The prices for spot power went up on May 29, because of record warm temperatures in the Northeast and Midwest which drove up the demand for electricity.

Con Ed representatives claim that their company will not have to pass these prices on to consumers. Basic economics dictates otherwise sooner or later Con Ed will have to raise electric bills to cover those costs. With experts predicting a hot summer that could be sooner than many New Yorkers think.

This incident seems to indicate that the US and probably Canada are facing serious electricity shortages. The grid is simply no longer capable of supplying our needs.

Andrea Rossi's 1 megawatt ecat unit this would be small enough to put in the basement of an apartment house

We need to start looking into alternatives such as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction now. LENR can be used to replace coal and natural gas burning boilers in existing power plants and in new power stations. Best of all since they would not produce pollution and wouldn’t require a large transportation or pipeline infrastructure to provide fuel LENR plants could be put anywhere.

Low Energy Nuclear Reactors could be placed in the basements of New York’s sky scrapers or in large apartment houses. They could also serve as heat pumps to facilitate cooling which could replace air conditioning and further reduce energy consumption. LENR units could also be placed close to Manhattan say in old railroad tunnels or warehouses in the Bronx.

Another possible solution Brillouin's Hot Boiler which could generate electricity

We need to launch a major LENR research effort now and to start evaluating devices such as Brillouin’s boiler and Andrea Rossi’s ecat to see if they will meet our needs. If they don’t our economy could soon grind to a halt.

It’s already happening in Japan where the company that manufactures seats for Toyota has announced that it’ll have to scale back production because of electricity shortages.  Not coincidently Toyota has decided to move a lot of its engine production out of Japan and to the US. The same thing could start happening in the USA if we don’t harness new sources of energy and soon. One of those energy sources should be LENR. Even NASA thinks that low energy nuclear reaction is for real so it is time for our political leaders to get on the LENR bandwagon before we all end up in the dark with no jobs. NASA research Dennis Bushnell estimates that electricity from LENR would cost about one fourth the price of coal so it could be the cost effective solution.