US Media and Military Show Interest in E-cat

Andrea Rossi’s latest e-cat test last week is attracting both attention and speculation in the media. A major US media outlet Fox News has actually put out a news story and not an op-ed about the e-cat test. In the article writer John Brandon mentions that Rossi is demonstrating the e-cat and he notes it is cold fusion.

Brandon quotes Rossi whom he said told him the device is a heater that uses nickel and hydrogen to create a low grade nuclear reaction. Rossi called the device a superior heater which is essentially what it is at the moment.

Andrea Rossi and Guisseppe Levi with the 1 MW e-cat last week

Brandon tried to get some comments from the scientific community but fell short they wouldn’t talk. He quotes somebody named Jonathan Koomey whom he describes as an energy consultant to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Koomey said the e-cat should be treated as a hoax until it could be interpedently verified.


In his statement to Fox Koomey didn’t seem to know much about the e-cat. He seemed to think the device was self sustaining and violated thermodynamics. Reports about the e-cat test last week in Bologna stated it required a large amount of electricity to start so what happened there doesn’t fit Koomey’s description of cold fusion.


Brandon also noted the US Navy’s interest in cold fusion and noted that a man identified as Paul Swanson of the US Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems unit was present at Rossi’s October 28 test. Brandon apparently contacted Swanson who refused to comment.

The Navy isn’t the only agency being identified as a buyer for Rossi’s 1MW e-cat unit which has apparently been sold. The British version of Wired magazine is speculating that DARPA the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency which it describes as the Pentagon’s weird science agency is the customer. On its website, DARPA does mention that it has a Strategic Technology Office with a focus area in energy and self sufficient operations. Cold fusion would apparently follow under that.


DARPA was set up by the Pentagon in 1958 after the Soviets surprised the world with the Sputnik satellite. Since then it has helped developed the internet and worked on everything from better missile launchers to star ship designs. So this would seem like the logical place for cold fusion research. DARPA would presumably work with the Navy on this.


It’s nice to know that somebody in Washington has an open mind about this stuff (or any mind for that matter). Too bad the so-called Department of Energy does not.


It is good to see Cold Fusion and e-cat attracting some attention. It isn’t all positive but at least there are some open minds out there.


2 Responses to US Media and Military Show Interest in E-cat

  • Marcellogo says:

    To cut short of all those american-centered speculations:
    I can tell you it was officially confirmed that at the demonstration held 28 november in the ITALIAN city of Bologna by ITALIAN engineer-inventor Andrea Rossi of a ITALIAN made 1MW device developed following initial experiments of ITALIANS scientist Focardi and Piantelli both associate professors of the same University of Bologna (est. 1088 AD) there were present qualified observers from ITALIANS firms ANSALDO ENERGIA and O.T.O MELARA, both part of ITALIAN state-owned FINMECCANICA mega-conglomerate.

    • jennifer says:

      Thanks true, note this blog is based in America and is intended for American audiences. This is an Italian invention, even though Rossi is apparently a citizen of both nations. Thanks for the additional information, unfortunately information about the e-cat seems to be scant outside Italy although that is apparently about to change.