US Military Preparing for Major Energy Shortage, LENR Could be Vital to National Defense

US Marines with Photovtalic solar panels

The United States military believes that a major energy shortage is imminent and is preparing for it. Recent news reports indicate that the Pentagon is quietly but hurriedly readying its bases to survive massive power outages. In other words the generals and admirals expect the lights to go out in the very near future.

The Denver Post newspaper reported that the Pentagon spent $798 million on 788 energy programs in 2010 alone. It is working closely with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado and other research facilities to devise methods of saving power.

The programs are being touted as green energy but the real purpose behind them is obvious. The military wants to keep its systems running when the lights start going out because of electricity and other energy shortages. The Post reported that the Army will spend $7 million to create a smart grid at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs to keep that base in operation in the event of electricity shortages.

The Army is also conducting research on the Stirling Engine which uses hot air to turn turbines at Fort Carson. Many observers have noted that LENR devices could easily be adapted to Stirling Engines. These are just the visible efforts there are also numerous behind the scenes military research projects going on.

These could include some LENR efforts such as Dennis Bushnell and Joseph Zawodny’s work at NASA. The Navy reportedly had some cold fusion research efforts that have reportedly ended. There have also been unconfirmed rumors that the Pentagon had purchased one of Andrea Rossi’s ecat LENR devices for testing. The military has also been interested in hot fusion. It helped finance some of Impulse Devices work on small scale hot fusion.

The reason the military is interested in technologies like LENR is obvious. Modern armies, navies and air forces are in the energy business. They need energy to keep the ships, trucks, tanks, planes and helicopters moving. Without energy the modern American soldier has no real advantage over an illiterate peasant with a bolt action rifle. With a sufficient supply of energy a modern military can dominate
almost any battlefield.

Solar array at a US Air Force Base in Nevada

The US military wants to preserve its war-fighting ability so it is concentrating on developing new sources of energy. It is obvious that low energy nuclear reaction is one of the most promising new energy sources out there.

It is also obvious that developing and perfecting LENR is vital to the defense of the United States and other democratic nations. Our modern militaries depend upon vast amounts of energy without that energy our militaries won’t work and we’ll be at the mercy of terrorists and dictators. Low energy nuclear reaction might be vital to maintaining security and peace in the future.

5 Responses to US Military Preparing for Major Energy Shortage, LENR Could be Vital to National Defense

  • john29302 says:

    spending does not mean its needed. thats a good way to blow a billion, all to lobbyist under the guise of preparedness and security. not one watt will pay for itself ever. that stuff will be disintrigated, weatherbeaten and decayed before its 1/4 paid for. what a joke

  • Neil Lizotte says:

    I think The E Cat invented by Andrea Rossi would be a great match for The J Tec invented by Lonnie Johnson or maybe The Cyclone Waste Heat Engine.

  • Jim Pelsor says:

    My guess is that SRI a contractor with defense contracts that is undwriting part of the development of Brillioun’s molten salts LENR Boilers is also part of the connection. Research and development is moving at a very fast pace. My guess is that once our politicians have figured out how to tax this energy source agressively enough to support the oil depletion allowances given to the largest corporations in the world, we will see a trickle down availability, at high cost, to the residential consumer.

  • Grauber says:

    Energy is not only required to dominate an enemy, it´s used over a hundred years to dominate the whole world and I mean evera single part of our every days live.

    If the ecat or other types of LENR are developed enough to go to the market, it depends on a patent to distribute these things worldwide – but is that of interest for the powers that be ?
    We all know that the heads of the oil-companies and the people behind them are not going to let the world go independent from oil or the energy-grid – of political reasons.

    Not money is their reason for that, it´s the loss of ability to control the political systems in the world.
    Military-Power dominates, dependence enslaves.

    Regards from Germany, Ben

    • jennifer says:

      I don’t think the heads of oil companies have that kind of power. Patents and information are two separate things. Something to think about is that Bill Gates didn’t have a patent on software and Henry Ford didn’t have a patent on the automobile. It didn’t stop them. My guess is that the greed for the potential profits from LENR will win out over desires for political power.