What a Modern Steam Car Might Look Like

There has been a lot of speculation that the e-cat might be used to power a modern steam car. Yet little or no discussion of what such a vehicle might look like after all the last major steam car manufacturer Stanley went out of business in the early 1920s. Well here’s an ultramodern steam car called the Inspiration built by a bunch of British inventors for something called the British steam car challenge.

No it's not the Batmobile it's the British Inspiration steam car going for the world land record.

The Inspiration broke the land speed record for a steam car at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California’s high desert last year on August 25. Its average speed was 139.85 miles per hour or 225.06 kilometers per hour. The top speed was 148 mph. Okay that isn’t very impressive these days, it’s less than the usual speed that NASCAR drivers average every Saturday and Sunday afternoon but it’s very good for a steam car.


The steam land speed record stood for 104 years it was set by Fred Marriot in a Stanley Steamer at Daytona Beach, Florida, in 1906. Not on the modern race track there but on the beach where NASCAR held its earliest races.

Fred Marriot going for the world landspeed record in 1906 in a Stanley Steamer at Daytona Beach

The Inspiration was a modern vehicle made from carbon fiber and aluminum. It had 12 boilers capable of generating 3 megawatts of heat or 268 kilowatts of power around 360 horsepower. Its boilers heated enough water to make 23 cups of tea per second. Unfortunately it burned propane and not nickel but it was a good start. If you want to see the Inspiration it’s supposed to be on display in Britain’s National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire.

If Andrea Rossi wants to put his e-cat technology to a real test he should contact Charles Bennett III the man who financed and drove the Inspiration. He obviously has the technology to put e-cat to a real test on the open road. Hopefully the next speed record for steam cars will be broken by a cold fusion powered vehicle.

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