Why is Media Paying More Attention to Musk’s Hyperloop than LENR?

It is easy to see why those interested in low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) are so dismissive of mainstream media reporting. The media is currently paying a fast amount of attention to something called the Hyperloop a super-fast transportation system being promoted by Tesla Motors and Space X founder Elon Musk.

Artists Conception of Hyperloop Courtesy Elon Musk

Okay, Musk is something of a genius and he is to be commended for giving America a working space capsule and building a real electric car. Yet he doesn’t have a working example of his Hyperloop only some cool drawings of it that look like they came out of a back issue of Popular Science.

The Hyperloop would basically be a giant pneumatic tube that would use air to push metal pods containing people or cargo along. Musk has unveiled it as an alternative to California’s conventional high speed rail system which he dislikes. Some critics have noted that Hyperloop might be a publicity stunt designed to make the rail system look bad.

The problem is that there is no working model of the Hyperloop only a proposal by Musk. The thing only exists in computer generated animation. Compare that to LENR, several individuals and organizations including Andrea Rossi, Defkalion, Francesco Celani, and Jet Energy have publicly demonstrated LENR devices. They’ve shown far more than Musk has here. Other companies such as Brillouin and Nichenergy have talked about substantial progress.

Yet where wee the reporters, earlier this month when Defkalion demonstrated an LENR device in Italy one reporter Mats Lewan of the Swedish technology publication NyTeknik was present. Compare that to the attention Musk has received for demonstrating a table in which an air pump is used to push objects back and forth on.

The Beach Pneumatic Transit a similar system to Musk's Hyperloop was built in New York City in 1870

Musk’s idea isn’t that advanced nor is that new. They had a pneumatic subway in New York City right after the Civil War in the 1870s. Note to Musk there are better transportation technologies out there such as Maglev. Maglev trains are up and running in Japan, China and Germany right now.

So what does this story tell us about the media? Well that they’d fall for anything if Elon Musk says it. If next week Musk unveils a machine that will turn lead into gold I’m sure it’ll be the lead story on all newscasts.

Worse the media only looks into those stories with a celebrity angle and cool images. Perhaps LENR promoters need to locate a handsome but controversial billionaire for a spokesman and invest in cool looking computer generated animation rather than to try and create a working power source that could revolutionize the world. Who needs working technologies when you have computer animation and a good PR department?

One final thought here, compared to Elon Musk’s hyperloop proposals, Andrea Rossi and Defkalion’s demonstrations look honest and opaque. If Andrea Rossi is a charlatan what does that make Elon Musk? Yet it is being taken seriously and LENR is reviled as a joke. Perhaps Elon Musk could teach LENR promoters a few things about PR.


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  • AlainCo says:

    First is that Hyperloop (like hot fusion) is based on proven science, yet intractable engineering, and few hope to succeed.
    Defkalion LENR is based on easy proven engineering , yet intractable theory, and few doubt it will be industrial soon.

    guess who win between something that works and a good theory? That is what thomas Kuhn explain well… paradigm change happen when theory is accepted, not when facts are solid.

    nopte also that LENr is victim of a media ban.

    for example in france, a competitor of SciAm : La Recherche, published an issue about scientific controversies, with an article on Cold Fusion.

    This article repeat the fairy tale of Taubes&al, and conscientiously refuse to talk of the ICCF18, oor Robert Duncan, conversion,of national instruments Involvement, of ENEA and NRL working together to understand the problems of repeatability. No word of the scam companies running behind…

    If they were honest they would talk of those crazy businessmen, of crazy scientists, and they would give lessons about how old scientist like Robert Duncan can get crazy, how company lile NI can be cray, how NRL and ENEA institution waste public money…

    they don’t, because they would have to talk of things that will show to any sentient species in the universe that it is absurd, and that they are worst than incompetent, they are dishonest, criminal and stupid.

    • jennifer says:

      I concede there’s proven science behind Hyperloop. As I pointed out the idea is 150 years old. My guess is that the media likes Elon Musk but they don’t like LENR. You’re right though Robert Duncan and National Instruments are not crazy. Neither is NASA, DARPA, and many other organizations. It would be nice if somebody would give Mr. Musk the same level of scrutiny directed at Rossi and other LENR promoters. P.S. after seeing the Hyperloop nonsense, I was glad I sold my Tesla stock.

  • Adrian Ashfield says:

    You write: “Musk’s idea isn’t that advanced nor is that new. They had a pneumatic subway in New York City right after the Civil War in the 1870s. Note to Musk there are better transportation technologies out there such as Maglev.”

    You really need to read Musk’s 57 page pdf file describing the Hyperloop before making misleading comments. It is nothing like a pneumatic subway, the pod is not a close fit in the tube and is propelled to >700 mph by a linear motor. The tube is evacuated to a pressure equivalent to flying at 150,000 feet to reduce aerodynamic drag. A turbo fan at the front serves several purposes. It prevents the build up of air pressure on the front, provides air for the pod’s air bearings and the balance is discharged at the rear for thrust to help maintain velocity between the linear motor boost stages.

    Why do you say Maglev is better when current examples run at less than half the speed and cost perhaps ten times as much?

    • jennifer says:

      Working maglevs have been tested in the real world. Check out the German transrapid. All Musk has is is a model in a loft in San Francisco. Sorry but it looks suspiciously like the pneumatic subway to me. What you describe sounds just like pneumatic subway. There’s no way to know if this thing would move at 700 mph it’s never been tested. The media has been taken in big time here.

  • jetmech says:

    Because the musk hyperloop has a chance of working. Perhaps because Elon Musk is not a convicted felon!
    So we have things that actually work by Elon Musk.
    Conversly Andrea Rossi has only given Demos and no product?

    Any you question why the media would look to Elon Musk and NOT Rossi?

    • jennifer says:

      Musk has no product here just a questionable concept. There’s no proof this work or not. It’s just a cool idea. Note Musk himself is not building hyperloop or putting money in it. Rossi seems to be doing that. If Hyperloop is so wonderful why doesn’t Musk use his money to build it and test it? He admits that he won’t do that.

  • AlainCo says:

    Funny you says that Rossi have no evidence. Whatever you believe Elforsk, the research consortium of Swedish electric industry, supported the test results, and they bet their credibility line essen.
    You have something to lose if E-cat works, and they have something to lose if e-cat does not work.
    So when they admit it work, they give information, they take a risk, and they do it because they have the data.
    You claim it is false, simply because it is comfortable for you until no one on earth can ignore it is real. you delay the truth, like a prisoner on death-row delay it’s execution.
    Your way to think is explained by rationality… you protect your illusion.

    • jennifer says:

      The problem is that what Musk is saying in this case is completely irrational. Just pointing out how easy it is to fool the main stream media. I keep waiting for the media to to go Musk’s house on April 1 to see his teleportation machine or whatever and leave disgusted when he yells April fool at them. Musk too is risking his credibility big time with this. PS I have nothing to loose if e-cat works or fails. I just write the blog.

  • winebuff says:

    This is simple even for me. Rossi is just a little crazy, secretive, and very eratic. He had the goods but he needs elon musk to get the word out he understands that you need to be a self promoter more than a visionary. Helps to have started 2 very succesful cos.

    • jennifer says:

      Elon Musk is also crazy, secretive and erratic. The difference is that Musk has billions of dollars so he is simply eccentric. Of course a self promoter must have something to promote. In the past Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX proved to be something. I have a feeling this tube will turn out to be nothing. P.S. Musk has actually started about 4 successful companies. You forgot about Zip.drive and Paypal both of which I use everyday.

  • Lawrence says:


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