Why Isn’t the Media Paying Attention to Andrea Rossi and E-cat?

Those of us interested in alternative energy are wondering why the media in the English speaking world is not paying attention to Andrea Rossi and E-cat. Since I do not believe that any sort of evil corporate conspiracy is trying to suppress E-cat, I’ll try and provide some rational explanations.

• The energy catalyzer and Rossi simply are not sexy and glamorous. A man with a tie and a thick accent standing in front of a machine making steam does not look that sexy or interesting. Editors and TV producers look for news that is exciting and entertaining first.

• Most media types including most reporters simply do not understand what the energy catalyzer is or its significance. Most reporters have little imagination, no knowledge of science and know nothing about technology. These are the people who buy Apples because they cannot figure out how to operate a PC. It is little wonder they cannot see what this is or why it is so important.

• Journalists, particularly American journalists are allegoric to science, they don’t understand it so they refuse to report on it. As a recovering journalist, I can tell you from personal experience that most reporters get their knowledge of science from Star Trek. Many of them went to journalism school to avoid those hard science classes. They hate the idea of covering science because they don’t know what is going on.

• Journalists especially in the US are snobs when science is concerned. They think Science goes on at large universities and that a scientist has to be an American or an Englishman with a dozen fancy degrees. Anything that sounds or looks like science from anywhere else must be dismissed. The idea that an Italian could invent something is horrifying to them. This is the attitude at the elite newspapers like The New York Times where the science reporter wants to feel welcome at the Harvard reunion. He doesn’t want to run the risk of embarrassing the scientific establishment by pointing out that they could be wrong about Cold Fusion.

• Journalists are lazy. Forget all those comic books and movies you’ve seen about intrepid journalists chasing the story. Most reporters are lazy – they cover the easy stories, and don’t report on anything until somebody else reports it. Many American reporters do not believe anything is news and worth reporting until they read it in The New York Times or see it on CNN. The American press will not pay attention to Andrea Rossi until his picture appears in The New York Times. Covering something like the energy catalyzer simply takes more imagination and energy than most journalists have. After all they would have to travel to some place called Bologna to see it.

• Money, reporters cover what they get paid for. Most publications and programs would not pay for coverage of e-cat at this time. Nor would the average reporter be able get her boss to pay for travel to Bologna to cover e-cat. Most reporters think any story they cannot use to pad their expense report with is not news.

Andrea Rossi is not the only inventor to be ignored, the media ignored the Wright Brothers first airplane flight too.

The lack of media attention is not necessarily a bad thing. Many-world changing inventions including the airplane, television, the personal computer and the internet were ignored when they first appeared. Brian Josephson has noted that reporters dismissed the Wright Brothers claims to have flown an airplane. Rossi is certainly in good company for being ignored by the media.

2 Responses to Why Isn’t the Media Paying Attention to Andrea Rossi and E-cat?

  • georgehants says:

    As the news media have as their first responsibility’s, to protect and inform the population, of things other than the latest celebrity affair etc. it is just a reflection on the sorry state of the press and it’s readers.

    • jennifer says:

      The idea that the media is supposed to protect and inform the population is a fantasy. The purpose of the media is to generate income for the people who own it.