Why LENR will lead to Vast New Fortunes

Low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) which is popularly known as cold fusion could be the catalyst that creates vast new fortunes. The reason it will create vast new fortunes is the very low cost of LENR if it can really generate vast amounts of heat, steam and electricity for a few pennies on the dollar.

The reason for this is discounting the secret to building up a vast fortune is selling items at low price. The lower the price the more you sell and the more you sell and the more money you make. That has been the secret behind some of the biggest fortunes in the world. Famous people that got rich by discounting included Sam Walton, F.W. Woolworth, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford just to name a few.

When he died in 1992 Sam Walton the founder of Wal-Mart headed a company worth $50 billion. The Walton family held five of the spots on Fortune magazine’s list of ten wealthiest Americans until 2005. They got rich through discounting selling lots of stuff at low prices.

Sam Walton

LENR would be the ultimate energy discount system. Think about it you could generate vast amounts of heat or electricity without buying fuel or paying to haul fuel. You wouldn’t need large amounts of land to store coal or oil on. Nor would you need a huge infrastructure to deliver natural gas to homes or a power plant. So you’d need a lot less land for the facilities. Another substantial savings would be eliminating long power lines which lose large amounts of electricity. Electricity could be generated right where it is needed because there would be little or no pollution.

That means you could sell energy in the form of steam, heat or electricity for a far lower price than competitors without LENR and still make a substantial profit. LENR powered energy companies would do to traditional energy companies; particularly electric utilities, what Wal-Mart did to smaller chain stores in the United States. It would drive them out of business or force them to change.

LENR would also substantially reduce costs in all sorts of industries including retail, mining, oil production, natural gas production, shipping, railroads, manufacturing, cement manufacturing, construction, chemical production and food processing to name just a few. Companies that employed it would have a competitive edge so they would have an incentive to buy it.

LENR would also increase efficiency which increases profit by reducing costs. Instead of having to spend a lot of money hauling fuel to your mine or oil well you’d just hookup an LENR generator to provide the power. Oil companies would use it because they use large amounts of steam to force oil out of oil wells. LENR would cheaply produce that steam.

Now obviously there will be resistance but I doubt it would be as great as we might think. Nor will that resistance come from the places we think it will. My guess is that the greatest resistance to LENR will come from the so called scientific establishment. Any influence they have over business and government will disappear the minute businessmen and politicians see all the money that they can make from LENR.

Note this does point to one down side to LENR it could make the rich richer by creating some huge new fortunes. LENR fortunes could dwarf those created by people such as Bill Gates. The reason the fortunes would be so huge is the low cost of LENR.


3 Responses to Why LENR will lead to Vast New Fortunes

  • psi says:

    Interesting comment, but you may underestimate the opposition of government to an emerging energy infrastructure which has no tax base built into it. Electric plugin autos charged with LENR electricity generated in the home is a wonderful idea but will not pay to maintain the infrastructure of roads. So government has a legitimate concern about how to enable a relatively soft transition from oil to LENR, assuming that is in the cards, which it sure seems to be.


    • jennifer says:

      I agree, political opposition could be far more of a hindrance than big oil simply because big oil will have plenty ways to profit with or without LENR. Politicians will be afraid of anything that takes money out of their pockets. They’ll simply have to create new taxes. (IE toll roads or taxes on new cars). Note politicians also like keeping their jobs. I seriously doubt any politician that publicly opposes something like LENR could win an election so they’ll back it. My guess is the transition to LENR will not be soft because government is never sensible. The politicians will do their best to make it harder and more expensive than it should be.

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